5 Best Cyber Security Courses for Beginners

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Best Cyber Security Courses for Beginners

Cybercrimes are an increasing factor nowadays in this digital era. In a statistical survey in September 2018, it was noticeable that more than 32.7% of U.S adults experienced a hack in their social e-mail or social media accounts.

Hence, increasing measures should be considered for these cybercrimes.

People all around the globe look for the best cyber security courses for beginners to either get the awareness of cybercrime for precautions or to fight against cybercrimes.

Are you the one who wants to secure their online data from cyber threats, or are you looking for some of the best courses in the market to learn cybersecurity and start a brilliant career in this field? If you’re any of them, this article is absolutely for you!

Below are some of the best cyber security courses for beginners to help you find out the right match for yourself.

5 Best Cyber Security Courses for Beginners

There are numerous cyber security courses for beginners out there. It makes a learner confused in selecting the right one for themselves. No worries! Here, you can find the 5 Best Cyber Security Courses for Beginners to help you choose the best suitable course as per your needs.

1. Coursera: Introduction to Cyber Security Specialization

This course will teach you about the basics of computer and information security. It is a 10-week program that includes case studies, assignments, and hands-on labs. Over 1 million students are enrolled in this course, with 60 percent of students earning a certificate.

Cyber Security Courses for Beginners

Coursera Cyber Security Specialization Course

What will you get from this cyber security course?

  • Taught by industry professionals with real-world experience in IT Security.
  • Know how to manage risks and threats to computer security.
  • Take part in challenges and learn about the ethical consequences of hacking into a system.
  • Learn how to develop an understanding of security best practices.

2. MIT OpenCourseWare: Introduction to Cyber Security

Since 2002, MIT has contributed to educating everyone interested in cyber security. This course is considered hard, but it focuses on thinking critically and solving cybersecurity-related problems.

MIT OpenCourseWare

What will you get from this cyber security course?

  • In-depth and very accessible knowledge.
  • A comprehensive explanation of the field.
  • Learners will be able to protect computer systems from intrusion.
  • Students go through a series of complex cyber security challenges and solutions.
  • Learn core principles of cyber security and how you can apply them to today’s technological world.

3. The SANS Institute: SANS Cyber Aces

This online and self-paced program is provided by the SANS Institute, a well-known organization in the world of cyber security.

The course is designed in twelve five-week modules for CERTs and ISSOs. CERT stands for Computer Emergency Response Teams, while ISSO means Information Security Specialist of Organization. 

What will you get from this cyber security course?

  • CERT and ISSO’s will receive complete training for the GIAC certification.
  • The entire course is provided by professional instructors who have real-world experience.
  • Course content is available as a self-paced online course on the CERT and ISSOs’ systems.
  • Students can learn about various types of cyber security threats and how to prevent them.

4. 200-101 Cyber Security Career Certification Program

The Best hands-on online course explains to you how to get a job in cyber security. It claims to help you get your first job with just one hundred hours of training. Isn’t that amazing? Let’s have a good look at what it provides you.

What will you get from this cyber security course?

  • Students will learn how to understand cyber security requirements for individuals and organizations, and
  • They can practice their skills in an exam-like environment that provides review at the end. It will help them learn more.

5. A Cyber Security Program for K12 students

In Massachusetts, a program was introduced to teach students from K-12 about cyber security.

The program aims to prepare students for the future of cyber security. A school must have a computer science course that teaches additional programming languages to enroll in this class.

What will you get from this cyber security course?

  • Get a self-paced course module.
  • A free trial period of 15 days is provided.
  • Students get vast knowledge about cyber threats and can start their careers as a beginner.
  • Course attendants will learn how to secure their computers from viruses, hackers, and other cyber attacks.
  • You receive credits towards your high school diploma.

Why Should You Learn a Cyber Security Course?

Let’s look at why anyone should invest their bucks and time in a cyber security course. 

Cyber Security Courses for Beginners – Why Should You Learn a Cyber Security Course

Fighting against cyber threats- We all are aware of the online world and the privacy threat that it carries. So to save your data against malware, phishers, and cybercriminals, one should learn a cybersecurity course.

Living your dream as a cyber security officer- Nowadays, we find everything online. For instance- businesses, money transactions, and shopping are running online.

These online uses are indirectly increasing the risk of cyber robberies. As a result, the need for cybersecurity officers is going up on the chart. 

Making your career in this field will help you earn a handsome amount.

Final Notion

If you are seeking out the best ways to learn cyber security, these cyber security courses for beginners will help you out. The best course you can start as a beginner is Coursera because it provides extensive knowledge of the cyber field. Their courses come directly coming from industry leaders.

However, you can select any of the courses of your choice, and no doubt, you will get all the basic and valuable knowledge on cyber security through these courses.

So, start your journey in the field of cyber security and assist yourself and others in security against cybercrimes.

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