How to Set Up Wifi Router Without Computer

How to Set Up Wifi Router Without Computer – Overview

Need set your wifi router but don’t have a computer or laptop around? You can actually set up Wi-Fi router without computer!

While most of the routers can be set with a standard process things may get a bit complicated with out doing it without a computer if you are not tech-savvy. You can get your router set up with your smart device. Besides the smart device (a smartphone or a tablet), you will need a needle/pen or any pointed object to reset your wifi router.

Additionally, you can download and install any of the Wifi discovery apps on your smart device to help you with the wifi router setup process.

Recommended methods regarding how to set up Wi-Fi router without computer

For Android devices

How To Set Up Wifi Router Without Computer - Android devices
How To Set Up Wifi Router Without Computer – Android devices

Before you go any further with the wifi router setup, ensure that the smartphone or tablet is fully charged. With a low battery, the device may power off in the mid-process and you might not be able to finish up with the task successfully.

Once you are sure of the battery backup of the smart device, power on the wifi router and wait for a minute or two. Afterwards, go to the wifi settings of the smart device and switch on the wifi while connecting to the router’s network.

You will see the name of the wifi router( also known as SSID) along with the options to get connected. Check for the wifi password printed on the back panel of the router or you can even ask your ISP( Internet service provider) for the same information.

Enter the password and try to connect to the wifi network. Once connected, go to the browser of your smart device and type in the IP address. The default IP address for most of the wifi router devices is “” or “’’.

You can also check out the back panel of the wifi router for the IP address. If none of the options works for you, simply launch the Wifi discovery app installed on your smart device. These apps will prompt you with a detailed list of available Wifi networks within your area along with their SSIDs and IP address.

Once you have located the IP address, simply login with the default username as ‘admin’ and the default password is ‘password’( or the password mentioned at the back panel of the wifi router). That’s it, Your wifi router is set up without using any computer or laptop device.

For IOS devices

How To Set Up Wifi Router Without Computer - iOS devices
How To Set Up Wifi Router Without Computer – iOS devices

The process is quite similar to setting up the wifi router with an android device. The only difference here is the general settings of IOS devices that are a bit different in comparison to android devices. If you have already used an Android and IOS device, you know what we are talking about.

Go to the wifi settings and tap on the wifi option. Once done, the smart device will prompt you with the available list of Wifi connections and their SSID. If you can see the WIFI router in the same list, follow the same procedure (as in the case of an android device).

If you cant discover the Wifi SSID or ISP, you again need to take help from the Wifi discovery app here. Please note that you may not find every app on the App Store, that was easily available on Play store. So, pick the best wifi discovery app to help you up in the network discovery process.

After the network SSID, ISP and password are located, connect to the network while using the same procedure mentioned in the case of an Android device.

Key points to remember regarding how to set up wifi router without computer

In case any of the above options don’t work, you may have to reset the wifi router and try connecting to it again. The reset button is located at the back panel of the wifi router. Take the needle/pen or any pointed object and press the Reset button for around 30 seconds

The router light will blink off for some time and will turn on again. Once reset, the saved settings will be lost and you have to key in all the details again.

If you are still not been able to set up the wifi router, simply call the customer service team of the manufacturer for further assistance

Bottom-line for How to setup wifi router without computer

The process is quite simple and easy. Just keep a note of all the required credentials and information to save yourself some good time. Additionally, let us know if you want us to post some more ‘ How to blogs’ in respect to your favorite Tech gadgets and accessories.

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