Candid Vs. Traditional Photography- Which Photography is Best for the Wedding? 

Candid Vs. Traditional Photography for Wedding

The entry of DSLR has revolutionized the photography industry. It has opened up a new door of opportunities for youngsters. Many young students and graduates prefer to become a professional photographer.

We all know the importance of capturing the precious moments of the couple during their weddings. In today’s world, wedding photography has changed from traditional to candid. Today’s article explains the difference between Candid and Traditional Photography in Wedding.

Wedding is a big function and it cannot be completed without photography. In today’s modern world, people have invented different ways to celebrate their wedding function. To make the wedding fun and interesting, one must hire a professional wedding photographer.

If you are a beginner photographer, then you must follow this article to know the actual differences between Candid and Traditional Photography. This article should give you the best insights into these two popular genres of photography for the wedding.

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Difference Between Candid and Traditional Photography

What is Candid Photography for Wedding?

Candid Photography is a new trend in wedding photography. Unlike Traditional Photography, Candid Photography requires expensive equipment and special lenses. Candid Photographers need such equipment to capture the live shots of the couple and the family members.

What is Candid Photography for Wedding
What is Candid Photography for Wedding

Moreover, Candid Photography doesn’t ask the couple for any poses. This genre of photography is also called natural photography where the couple doesn’t aware of the photographer.

In Candid Photography, the function is going on itself while the photographer captures continuous shots of the couple and other moments himself. Traditional photography involves a lot of hard work as the photographer has to ask the couple to pose.

Candid Photographers capture the realistic pics and emotions of the couple. In today’s modern world, most people prefer to go with Candid photography for their wedding as they want to relive all those moments, again and again, to cherish them for a lifetime.

Difference Between Candid and Traditional Photography
Difference Between Candid and Traditional Photography

One can easily figure out the natural photos captured by the photographer in the wedding album which is a part of Candid Photography. This genre features guests and other backgrounds of the couple in a full natural frame.

As noted above, in Candid Photography, a special wedding camera, the latest camera lens, advanced camera settings, and flashlights are required. Since it requires expensive equipment, it is costlier than traditional photography. This photography adds more of the cinematic looks to the photographs which look natural and filled with real emotions.

If a couple wants to make their wedding special, they should go for this genre of photography for their wedding.

What is Traditional Photography for Wedding?

Unlike Candid Photography, Traditional Photography is cheaper as it doesn’t require any type of special equipment and tools. This genre of photography focuses on the bride and groom. It means the function is all about the couple rather than the event.

Traditional Photography is the opposite of Candid Photography if we compare the shots. Traditional photography looks artificial as the photographer has to teach the couple different poses.

What is Traditional Photography for Wedding
What is Traditional Photography for Wedding

Most people want to get the best of shots from the pose suggested by the photographer. For that reason, they tend to be more serious during the photoshoot. It doesn’t add natural essence at all.

Apart from this, Traditional Photography requires special background that has to be set up by the photographer. A series of flashlights and multiple assistants are also needed to help the cameraman.

Since this genre of photography is different from Candid photography, unique settings, and a different set of equipment and tools are needed. However, the camera and tools are basic and not advanced.

Traditional Photographers focus on the main subject and the poses that they suggested to the couple. For that reason, this photo doesn’t allow them to capture the natural essence.

Beginner photographers should first learn this genre of photography if they want to become a professional wedding photographer. Once they mastered traditional photography, they can kickstart the new genre i.e. Candid Photography.

Which Type of Photography Should You Pick for Your Wedding?

If you are confused between Traditional and Candid Photography, and can’t decide which genre is right for your upcoming wedding function, then here’s the list of tips to overcome your confusion.

To make your wedding photography a success, we would recommend you to go with both genres. Traditional photography captures the posed shots, whereas Candid Photography captures the entire event live.

Which Type of Photography Should You Pick for Your Wedding
Which Type of Photography Should You Pick for Your Wedding

Traditional Photography involves the bride and groom as well as the family members of both. It also includes a lot of poses of the couple that also looks great in a wedding album. The poses captured by photography are good for big photo frames.

On the other hand, Candid Photography allows you to relive those moments again. It makes you feel like the function is still going on and you are a part of that function. You can recall the entire function back again and cherish all those moments with your family.

Take Away!

For big functions and events like wedding, wedding anniversaries where more number of guests are invited, you should go for Candid Photography. If you are organizing small events such as baby showers, birthday parties, etc then Traditional Photography is recommended.