5 Best Dashcam For Uber

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Best Dashcam for Uber – Overview

Best Dashcam for Uber – When it comes to getting a dashcam for your Uber, think of it as a valuable thing. Being an Uber driver, one has to take care of the passengers inside the cabin.

Further, it helps to keep an eye on them in case a conflict arises. It would be best if you always had the vision to watch out and record the video footage.

Besides the rideshare insurance you have, the dashcams are the perfect way to ensure your safety.

Best Dashcam for Uber – Assorted List of the Top Cams

Here are the top picks of dashcams that you can select as per your choice. You can make your Uber driving experience a pleasurable one without worrying about safety.

Let’s prepare the list for the dashcams right away.

Dash CamCamera TypeResolutionDisplay SizeStorageWeight
Vantrue N4 Three-channel Dash CamFront, Inside, & Rear4K and 1080p2.45 inch LCDUp to 256 GB798 grams
Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash CamFront & Inside2560x1440P@30fps and 1920x1080P@60fps1.5 inch LCDUp to 256 GB100 grams
Toguard Dual Channel Dash CamFront & Inside1920*1080P@30fps3.0 inch LCDUp to 32 GB440 grams
Pruveeo C2 Dual Cash Cam Front & Inside2560x1440P@30fps and 1920x1080P@60fps.2.7 inch LCDUp to 256 GB388 grams
Pruveeo Dash Cam with Wi-Fi Front & Inside1080P @ 30fps and 2160P @ 24fps2.0 inch LCDUp to 512 GB422 grams

1. Vantrue N4 Three-channel Dashcam

Vantrue presents one of the optimal safety solutions for Uber drivers. It is equipped with three cameras – one in the front, one inside the cabin, and one at the rear.

You can do a simultaneous recording with this dashcam with different resolutions. It supports up to 1440p video footage at 30fps. Switching it to dual recording gives you the benefit of 4k footage.

Key Features

  • Three-channel dashcam with different resolutions
  • Record up to 4k videos while on the move with clear capture on the road ahead.
  • Night vision supporting four infrared LED detectors in dark situations
  • Parking monitor with motion detection and surveillance mode
  • The gravity sensor locks and saves the video footage of a collision

2. Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dashcam

Another dashcam from Vantrue supports dual-lens for recording at 1080p. It is best suited for Uber drivers, giving them front and inside capture while on the move.

The single-mode front camera supports up to 2560x1440p resolution at 30fps. Meanwhile, night vision helps to see in dark and low-light conditions.

Key Features

  • Best dashcam for Uber and rideshare drivers
  • Supports higher resolution up to 1440p@30fps
  • External memory card supports up to 256GB for non-stop recording
  • Better night vision to stay put in the dark
  • Parking mode with advanced motion detection and surveillance

3. Togurd the Dual Channel Dashcam

Get the benefit of dual 1080p recording with clear audio, suited for Uber drivers. It supports a Sony sensor that enables crystal-clear images and high-quality video footage.

Whereas using the single-mode camera gives you 4K recording compatibility.

Key Features

  • Wide-angle and rotatable cameras for easy adjusting the angle
  • Parking monitor with motion detection (always on)
  • Supports loop recording, which overwrites the oldest footage
  • G sensor with intelligent record emergency lock system. Save your evidence for insurance claim
  • Superior night vision with a wide dynamic range in low-light environments

4. Pruveeo C2 Dual Dashcam

With the support of holding video footage for up to 12 hours, this dash cam can be your favorite. Don’t worry about the storage limit, as loop recording overwrites the oldest recordings.

Camera wide-angle aperture helps in the reduction of blind spots. Meanwhile, the night vision helps to give you sharper footage in dark situations.

Key Features

  • Infrared night vision supporting Sony sensor for better images and video capture
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Dual 1080p dashcam with single camera recording up to 1440p@30fps
  • Gravity sensor with auto incident detection. Locks the video recording when it detects a collision
  • Parking monitor for both front and inside cameras.

5. Pruveeo Dashcam with Wi-Fi

This dashboard camera utilizes four infrared LEDs to give a superior night vision capture. Meanwhile, the dual cameras support Full HD video recording at 30fps.

Besides this, you get a gravity sensor with collision detection. It will automatically lock and save the video footage for future evidence and insurance claims.

Key Features

  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Connect with your smartphone using the camera app
  • It doesn’t run on built-in batteries; connect with an external power cord
  • Loop recording with up to 1080p Full HD resolution
  • Wide dynamic range for both front and rear cameras
  • Excellent low light capabilities with night vision feature

Why does an Uber Driver Need a Dashcam?

Several drivers think that a dashcam is just an extra expenditure. They don’t get convinced of the fact that they can upgrade their security with a dashcam.

Secondly, as an Uber driver, you can get into a bad situation; however, the dashboard camera in your car can save you time and money.

  • Provides evidence

Life is uncertain, and as you are one of the best Uber drivers out there, you can meet with an accident. Here, the dashboard camera installed in your car will help to find whose fault it was.

People would tend to lie about the incident; however, the Dashcam has recorded the footage. Further, the video recording helps as a piece of evidence to get claims from your insurance company.

  • Your right to record

You have the right record inside your car. There is no harm in using a camera to record yourself while at work.

Installing and using a dashcam may help you provide evidence to law enforcement or Uber if necessary.

  • Surveillance mode

Leaving your car parked at an isolated location can be dangerous. Thieves are on the move, and they can break the glass, steal your valuables, and much more.

Having a dashboard camera in your Uber will help you in figuring out the culprit. It is a good feature of dashcams as they can detect motion and record activity.

That’s a kind of surveillance camera installed in your car.

  • Protection from fraud

Some fraudsters come your way and hit your Uber. Further, they claim that it was your fault. Here, if you have a dashcam installed, you have all the evidence recorded right in front of you.

That is a good reason to install a dashcam, as you get helped by the police officers seeing the footage.

  • Save yourself from dishonest passengers.

As an Uber driver, you can come face to face with a passenger who tries to overpower you. Further, these kinds of passengers expect a free ride.

Meanwhile, they would also try to complain that you were driving under the influence.

All these factors may cause harassment; however, with the dashcam installed, nothing can go wrong. Everything is recorded by the friendly camera, and you are saved.

Wrap it up

There you are. For Uber professional drivers, the Dashcam is a must for peace of mind.

Whether you meet false passengers, corrupt police officers, thieves, or an accident, the dashboard cameras are great. Keep driving your Uber, be safe!

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