Amazon Cloud Cam- The Concise Guide

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With a constant rise in innovative technologies, every firm is giving its best efforts to manufacture products that go amazingly well with the existing smart technology.

Going the same way, Amazon has recently come up with its all-new cloud cam security camera that works with Alexa.

In this article, you will come to know more about its capability, features, and technology.


The sole objective of this cloud cam is to offer some excellent security and safety to all your assets and belongings. It further carries some exceptional features like 1080P HD resolution, a two-way audio system, night vision alerts, as well as a live video that makes it fulfill the same objective.

It also boasts a motion detection feature that notifies you in case of any unwanted presence at your premises.


It works with a two-way audio system that perfectly conveys the message in case of any unwanted happening and stays connected with the family for extended hours.

You can now get the smart sound detection capability that makes it capable enough to pick up noises like a baby crying, glass breaking, a dog barking, or intruders breaking into your house.

Since it works with the Alexa Amazon cloud, you can now monitor the voice control feature. All you have to do is ask Alexa to show you the cloud cam’s view on the Fire tablet, Fire TV, Echo Spot, or Echo Show.

There are eight infrared LEDs and the camera’s computer vision will automatically detect every inch of the house with the night vision and algorithm.

Now, you can get the option of turning off the night vision with the help of the cloud cam app.

To avail of further services, you can start with the free trial. If you like the functionality, you can purchase the subscription.

One of the advanced features is person detection. The device will keep notifying you whenever the camera detects a person. Again, you can also set the zones mode that will let you select areas.

What’s more? You’ll get the availability of 30 days of video history and support. There are ten cameras for monitoring when you choose the Cloud Cam subscription.

The availability of the two-way audio system works on the principle of the built-in mic cloud cam and speaker that will let you stay in touch with the household. You can also get updated information about your kids after school and instruct your dog to stop barking

The smartest part of this cloud cam is that you can utilize it for detecting with the help of a free cloud cam app available on Android Fire OS and IOS. The device smartly captures everything that happens around the home at any hour of the day.

A brief idea about the plans

You can get access to the different subscription-based plans for using this cloud cam. The basic plan will offer access to the last 7 day’s camera recording. It works with 3 cameras for picking the motion detection clips.

Again, there is an extended plan to give you access to the last 14 day’s motion detection clips. It works with the 5 cameras.

Then, there is the pro plan to provide you with access to up to 30 days of motion detection clips. It works with 10 cameras.


  • Immense durability with exceptional picture quality
  • Good quality motion detection feature
  • Good quality face recognition capability


  • sound quality


  • Some people may not like night vision.

Our verdict:

Download and streaming capability

Rating: 5/5

The availability of the feature of downloading and watching videos on the PC with the free plan is advantageous. You can also watch the live stream on the computer via the cloud cam app.


Rating: 4/5

Configuration of the cloud cam takes less than 5 minutes. So, all you have to do is just download the Amazon cloud cam app for the iPhone or Android. Then, you have to log in with existing Amazon credentials or go ahead with the creation of a new account.

Afterward, just plug in the camera. The base can stay on any flat surface with the range of the wall outlet. Mounting hardware is also included in the box in case you want to attach it to a wall.

To start, make sure that Bluetooth is available on the phone and that the cloud cam app can discover the device.

There is again a hidden reset button on the back of the camera towards the bottom. You can use the paper clip for pressing and holding down the button, and thus, it resets and tries again.


Rating: 5/5

The Amazon cloud cam comes with a cylindrical head that measures 2.4 inches in diameter and 1.7 inches in depth. It has a small white base with a ten-foot USB cable that provides power to the cloud cam.

Control features

Rating: 5/5

There are options for turning off audio playback and pausing the video alongside. You can also turn on the infrared night light just with the help of the application.

The setup takes less time to start working. The pulsating blue and green light starts, indicating the mode the camera is switched to.

Whenever you hear the beep sound, you can rest assured that the camera is set up and running.


Rating: 5/5

In terms of the accessories, this exceptional camera comes with a USB cable adapter, setup manual, and wall mounts along with the two drywall screws.

You’ll not find a second cloud can in the market with such capabilities in the affordable range.

Sound and motion detection

Rating: 5/5

The motion detection feature works fantastically. The volume button can be monitored whenever needed.

Summing it up

Overall, Amazon Cloud Cam is a good quality compact-sized camera that has the remarkable ability to capture sound when compared to many other cameras of this category. It will capture almost everything at any hour of the day and keep your family safe.

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