“Smoking Fish” Wins Conservation Ocean Photography Award

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“Smoking Fish” Earns Conservation Ocean Photography Award

We humans are no less than destroyers of the planet earth. Knowingly or unknowingly, we constantly damage all ecosystems of the planet earth. We have to pay back a high amount for disturbing our ecosystems.

We humans need to make each other aware of the negative impact on Ocean’s Ecosystem due to different activities. Awareness is needed to spread a message or to make people responsible.

Ocean Photography Award 2021

Ocean Photography Award 2021

In today’s world of digitalization, we have different types of devices to explore the web. We all use smartphones powered by applications to explore the world. Social networking websites and apps, photo-sharing apps, video-sharing platforms, and many other platforms are available on the web to spread a message.

Every year, a special Ocean Photography Awards event is organized to give credits to photographers who capture mesmerizing photos of the ocean’s ecosystem. This year’s Ocean Photography Award is something unique and different from what we have been seeing over the years.

Ocean Photography Award 2021

This year’s Ocean Photography Award wins by a sobering photo of a Smoking Fish. The Smoking Fish photo is taken by a renowned photographer named Steven Kovacs. The photo features a fish and a discarded cigarette. The fish is gumming this cigarette curiously knowing that it is something to eat. The photo itself looks unique; however, at the same time, it spreads a message for humans.

What’s about the Photo?

The photo features a fish that smokes a discarded cigarette. Of course, the cigarette was thrown by one of us. Many of us are not aware of Ocean Wildlife. Hundreds of species of fish and other ocean wildlife reside underwater in an Ocean. While throwing garbage in the ocean or the river or pond, we are disturbing the animals and their ecosystem. Many animals die due to garbage thrown into the ocean by humans.

“Smoking Fish” Wins Conservation Ocean Photography Award

“Smoking Fish” Wins Conservation Ocean Photography Award

The name of the fish that smokes a discarded cigarette in this photo is Trachinocephalus myops. It is also known as lizardfish. The lizardfish is mostly found in the Atlantic Ocean. The lifestyle of animals living in the Atlantic Ocean is different from others. They spend most of their time searching for food due to extremely cold weather.

The Lizardfish hides while searching for food, the only thing that they keep outside is their eyes. However, this photo proves that due to lack of food underwater, this fish jumped onto anything that passes by.

Steven Kovacs has officially posted this photo on his Instagram Profile with a big message. Steven’s official message is embedded below:

Quick Smoke Break

Actually, This was almost a very unfortunate situation. This small Snakefish, Trachinocephalus myops, grabbed a cigarette butt out of the water column drifting by in the current thinking it was a fish, and began to swallow it for a meal. Even after swallowing more than half of the cigarette, it still hadn’t realized its mistake!! This was one situation I felt obliged to intervene in since I can’t imagine it would have ended well for the fish if it finished swallowing its “meal”. Palm Beach, Florida.


Wildlife photographers are special souls for wildlife that reside on the earth and underwater. They capture the live shots of the animals, birds, and aqua life to spread the message and to let us explore the reality of the forest and aqua life. BBC Earth has already broadcasted a series on spreading messages for saving our Ocean Ecosystem. Various other channels have also telecasted such episodes that spread awareness among the people.

Wildlife photographers

Wildlife photographers

Several other photographs have been surfaced on the web describing the impact of humans on the Ocean’s Ecosystem. If we talk about other photos, then there’s a photo that won the awards is a dead moray eel. Many other such photos are present on the web which you can share if you do take care of the planet earth and the animals that are part of our ecosystems.

Badly impacted Ocean’s Ecosystem by Humans

Badly impacted Ocean’s Ecosystem by Humans

Steven Kovach’s photo is not enough to see what we have damaged and how our mischiefs have impacted badly on Ocean’s ecosystem. Garbage is what causing trouble to animals living in the ocean and we have to stop it at the earliest.

Take Away!

Many people do not know about the Ocean’s Ecosystem and its role to help humans. Ocean Ecosystem alone provides 50% of oxygen to humans. If we keep on throwing garbage inside of the ocean, then gradually we will have to deal with a low level of oxygen on the planet.

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