Privacy Becomes Forefront in Designing New Generation Laptops

The ongoing pandemic has taught us the importance of computer systems in our life. Starting from March 2020, people started looking for laptops that are good for all purposes including work-from-home.

With the growing demands of laptops, manufacturers have started designing laptops with essential security features.

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show showcased some of the advanced technologies to revolutionize the screens of laptops.

What’s interesting we noticed during the CES 2022, laptops are not dead yet. Manufacturers utilize new technologies to improve the value of their systems for users.

Starting from students to artists and the employees who work from home, laptops now come with all sorts of features with more security.

Impact of Pandemic in the Laptop Industry

According to a recent survey, the laptop industry has seen a drastic change during the previous year. In 2021, the sales of laptops and personal computers are on top.

The same growth is expected by the experts as new generation laptops come in for professional use.

Impact of Pandemic in the Laptop Industry
Impact of Pandemic in the Laptop Industry

Not just PC makers, but Technology providers are also redesigning their chips to offer more advanced security features.

If you are from a technical side and want to know about the new security or privacy features showcased in CES 2022, then here we have listed down all the details of the technology providers as well as PC makers.

If we talk about how technology has changed over the past years in laptops, then we have seen many advanced privacy features introduced by the PC makers to keep privacy on priority.

There is a range of laptops called business laptops. The range aimed to provide the much-needed privacy features with faster performance on their laptops.

To make them more advanced, technology makers and PC makers have started designing new generation laptops by adding new privacy features.

Upcoming Privacy Features in 2022 Laptops:

Integrated Privacy Screens

Integrated Privacy Screens are the trending solution to privacy issues. The integrated privacy screen is a screen that reduces the viewing angle in laptops.

Nobody can view your screen while you work. Only you can see your full screen, no other person can see what’s on the screen from other angles.

Upcoming Privacy Features in 2022 Laptops - integrated privacy screens
Upcoming Privacy Features in 2022 Laptops – integrated privacy screens

If you are working in the office or any other public space, then integrated privacy screens can keep your work secret from the eyes of others.

HP is bringing its new generation Integrated Privacy Screens named Sure View Screens to enhance the user experience and privacy of the users.

The best part about the Sure View Screen from HP is the Privacy Screen can be toggled on and off.

If you want to change the viewing angle of the screen, you can turn off the Privacy Screen.

Smart Sensor Software

The Smart Sensor Software is yet another solution to keep your privacy while working on the laptop.

Several manufacturers have showcased screen privacy in new generation laptops during CES 2022. The screens use IR cameras to identify whether the other persons are looking into your screen.

Upcoming Privacy Features in 2022 Laptops - Smart sensor software
Upcoming Privacy Features in 2022 Laptops – Smart sensor software

If the IR cameras detect someone’s interfering, then the screen will be blurred out for them automatically.

The IR cameras will be integrated within the screen by using the smart sensor software. Tobii Eye Tracking Hardware is the first company to introduce this new technology and the same will be adopted by other manufacturers in the coming future.

Tobii is a renowned brand known for its space in the CES in the gaming category.

However, the company has begun offering its Tobii Aware software for manufacturing new generation laptops. The company will provide their technology of IR cameras to integrate within the screen.

The Tobii Aware software will provide access to the computer system and the screen to only authorized users.

The screen will work only when the authorized person is viewing when the person turns his head, the screen will become blurred so nobody can view what’s on the screen.

Besides this, the screen or the device will be locked automatically when not in use. There will be a dedicated privacy key provided by the manufacturer of the business laptop. The privacy key’s control will be provided to the authorized users who can customize it accordingly.

Lenovo’s New Presence Detection Technology

Lenovo is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry with a range of business laptops for all types of professionals.

Lenovo has partnered with Lattice Semiconductors to design their new generation laptops. The company to integrate FPGAs into their laptops screens by working with the Lattice Semiconductors.

Lenovo’s New Presence Detection Technology
Lenovo’s New Presence Detection Technology

Lenovo’s new Thinkpad X1 will come with an advanced presence detection technology. These privacy features provide the access to the laptop’s screen to the authorized person only.

The technology will be able to detect the authorized person even if the person is wearing a mask while working on the PC.

The technology will save battery life by turning off the screen when not in use. It will not be turned on even if a pet or any other person comes in front of the screen.

The screen will be turned on when the authorized person is in front of it. The company to utilize this presence detection technology in their new generation OLED displays.

Moreover, AMD is a leading Semiconductor manufacturer of computer systems and gaming consoles.

The company has been providing advanced chips for upcoming laptops and other technology devices. AMD is also partnering with Eyeware for a new concept.

The company is to bring a downloadable application in the first half of the present year for Radeon users. The Eyeware will work on a different concept to detect the user’s shoulder.

The technology will be eyeing the user’s behavior in front of the screen.

As the name suggests, Eyeware will work on real-time eye detection for the privacy of the users. The technology will be working in the background while the users are working.

When the user turns his head, the screen will be blurred. All the controls will be given to the authorized person for privacy concerns.

The authorized person can customize this feature, can enable or disable it whenever needed!

We all know about the importance of privacy in today’s world. It is important for all PC users to keep privacy on priority.

The manufacturers understand very well about the same and bring new generation screens to improve the user’s privacy.

Business data should be protected and these screens will certainly help business users to keep their work private and safe from others!

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