Adjust Nikon D500 Wedding Photography Settings

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Adjust Nikon D500 Wedding Photography Settings

The Nikon D500 has certainly proved its worth as an excellent wedding camera while coming with a 58mm f/1.4 focus that captures some exceptional shots at weddings and receptions.

The superb build quality, perfect ergonomics, speedy capture, and insanely fast autofocus are some of the aspects that make Nikon D500 wedding photography a treat for everyone’s eyes.

Customized settings for Nikon D500 wedding photography

Step 1. Setting the aperture

Nikon D500 wedding photography settings - aperture

Nikon D500 wedding photography settings – aperture

  • To capture the moments of affection, it’s advisable to keep the large aperture at f/5.6. This focus lays perfect emphasis on the gestures and expressions of the bride and the groom.

If you’re planning to capture multiple wedding shots, use continuous shooting mode, and simply hold down the shutter button.

Candid events, however, need separate settings. At such times, maintain the small aperture of f/14 upwards.

  • If you want to capture the arrival, departure, and gestures of guests around, choose a large aperture like f/2.8-f/5.6 that will maintain a clear focus and the background will naturally become slightly blurred.

Step 2. Setting the shutter speed

Nikon D500 wedding photography settings - shutter speed

Nikon D500 wedding photography settings – shutter speed

  • For clicking certain special events, like vows and walking down the aisle, maintain only a slow shutter speed of 1/40 s.
  • If you would like to capture candid photos and moments in a wedding ceremony, maintain a shutter speed of 1/250th of a second. Make sure that you don’t go below because it will make the image more blur.

While the couple is leaving, try to stick to the shutter speed of 1/125th of a second.

  • If you’re choosing to go ahead with a formal wedding shoot, remember to be creative. The shutter speeds that will be kept around 1/160s will keep things sharp.

Step 3. Setting the ISO sensitivity

Nikon D500 wedding photography settings - ISO speed

Nikon D500 wedding photography settings – ISO speed

  • You can consider some ISO settings that will help you in getting the desired shot. Make use of a tripod for shooting the formal shots. Keep the ISO low at around 100, so that it keeps the grain to the minimum.

Step 4. Setting the flash

Nikon D500 wedding photography settings - flash

Nikon D500 wedding photography settings – flash

  • For a formal shoot, use a flash, while keeping the camera at a wide aperture and high shutter speed. These settings will maintain the required amount of light.
  • For a special event, make sure to use a nice effect by using the slow sync flash mode. With this, you can be sure that the center of the frame stays sharp. Use the on-camera flash.
  • For getting a candid shot, use flash. It will serve the purpose of freezing the moment. This setting captures moments that are funny and casual. Also, It’s better to choose a warming filter like 81A.
  • To capture the departure, use the flash that will eventually maintain the sharpness of the picture.
  • For obtaining a formal shoot, run away from the commotion and get a silhouette for a better shot. Turn off the flash. You can make use of the multi-zone metering mode.


To capture the special events dramatically, turn the mode dial to the points TV or S mode. In case you want more power, make use of additional parts.

Using slow sync is recommended because it will ensure that the shutter remains open for a longer time to allow flooding in more light for better exposure.

What is the recommended equipment?

When photographing a wedding ceremony, it is always recommended that you take a spare camera body along.

You can carry a telephoto zoom piece along with a wide-angle lens that will give you the ability to quickly switch between the two.

Moreover, taking extra batteries will save you a lot of trouble. Separating flash units will give extra benefits over the built-in flashes.

On the other side, large gold and silver reflectors will ensure the maintenance of enough warmth.

Bottom line

Wedding photography comes over as a memory for a lifetime and as a photographer, one got to go through a lot of pressure.

This is where keeping the above-mentioned tips handy makes the whole task, a bit easier for you.

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