How to work with Nikon D3500 shutter speed

How to work with Nikon D3500 shutter speed

Taking good pictures demands a lot of hard work. Even if you possess the most expensive camera, it is essential to keep in mind certain tricks and tips for clicking the desired shots. Well, this is where understanding the right shutter speed will help you click better photos.

It’s good to remember that the faster the shutter speed, the lesser is the amount of light exposure to the sensor that leads to the shooting of a darker image. Similarly, longer the shutter speed better is the prominence of the motion blur.

Nikon D3500 shutter speed - light
Nikon D3500 shutter speed – light

Taking the right shots on varied Nikon D3500 Shutter Speeds

1. For action shots

Nikon D3500 shutter speed - action
Nikon D3500 shutter speed – action

Nikon D3500 shutter speed - high
Nikon D3500 shutter speed – high


  • It is recommended to use high shutter speeds while you’re capturing action with the Nikon D3500.
  • Set the Mode dial to S that controls the shutter speed. With this, the camera takes into consideration the choice of the tight aperture setting for a good exposure.
  • Rotate the Command dial>>> choose the correct shutter speed depending on the speed of the subject. Usually, 1/320 seconds is the right speed for the fastest subjects. For slow subjects, the recommendation is to use 1/250 or 1/125 second(refer to the picture). Increasing the shutter speed compels the aperture to maintain the chosen exposure.
  • Sometimes you can follow a different pattern. Select a slow shutter speed to blur the moving objects. This option fits well for colourful subjects.


  • Consider raising the ISO setting that ensures a better and faster shutter speed. With this, the camera chooses a narrower aperture that makes it easier to capture the subject when it needs the sharpest focus.
  • For flash, the fastest shutter speed is 1/200 second.
  • For rapid-fire shooting, set the Release mode to Continuous while holding down the shutter button.
  • Select a speed-oriented type of focusing.


2. For general shoot

Nikon D3500 shutter speed - general shoot
Nikon D3500 shutter speed – general shoot
  • For general shooting, the Auto setting is excellent. You can attain the specific and fixed minimum shutter speed for fine-tuning.
  • For shooting sports, 1/30 seconds is too slow. The idyllic would be to set the shutter speed to 1/250 second.
  • Note that 1/30 is too fast for shooting a night-time city scene

3. For portraits

Nikon D3500 shutter speed - portrait
Nikon D3500 shutter speed – portrait
  • If you are intending to shoot for the portrait mode, pay attention to keep the subject sharply focused. Also, focus to keep the background soft.
  • Set the Mode dial to A>>>select the low f-stop value that opens the aperture for flooding in more light.
  • Always, pay attention to low f-stop value that softens a portrait background.
  • If you choose to shoot for a group portrait, it’s mandatory to not choose low shutter speed so that you get a sharp-focus zone. You will get different f-stops for finding the right setting.
  • Consider on switching the aperture-priority mode >>>select the shutter speed>>> rotate the Command dial to f-stop
  • For softening the background>>> zoom in>>> get closer>>> increase distance between the background and subject.
  • Use a lens with a longer focal length of 85–120mm.
  • Check composition.
  • If you’re choosing to go ahead with indoor portraits, it’s better to shoot flash-free. This setting produces softer illumination and escapes the problem of red-eye. So, for a better shoot, follow the step: go flash-free>>> turn on room lights>>> place the subject next to a window that lets in sunlight.
  • Top shutter speed for photography with flash is 1/200 second.
  • Press and hold down the shutter button to initiate exposure metering along with autofocusing.
  • Set lens to manual focus mode for better focal distancing. Then twist the focusing ring.
  • Press the shutter button that lets you capture the image of your choice.

4. For formal portraits

Nikon D3500 shutter speed - formal portrait
Nikon D3500 shutter speed – formal portrait
  • Set to manual mode>>> set 1/60 second shutter speed>>>F5.6 >>>ISO 400.
  • You can get a customized touch by setting the exposure down to -2 stops and make subjects stand out. Raising the shutter speed lets you attain the objective.

5. For Landscape

Nikon D3500 shutter speed - landscape
Nikon D3500 shutter speed – landscape
  • For achieving a slow shutter speed, use a tripod. In case you lack a tripod, try to stabilize the camera by turning on the Optical VR feature. It helps with compensating for a slight camera movement.
  • For nighttime city pics, try with a shutter speed of 10 seconds. Using such a slow shutter speed on your Nikon camera creates neon light trails scenes.
  • For better effect, try setting bulb as the shutter speed. This option records as long as you hold down the button.

Final say:

From this above mentioned information, you can now stay cleared about how to change your shutter speed according to the specific image requirements. So grab your Nikon D3500 and shoot those eye-catching images.

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