How to Use Interval Timer Shooting On Nikon D5300

Interval Timer Shooting On Nikon D5300

What is internal timer shooting?

Nikon interval timer shooting allows you to capture a subject or an object image as it changes over time. This technique is commonly known as time-lapse photography.

Now you don’t have to worry about it, as you can easily set your Nikon D3500 or automatically release the shutter in repeated intervals ranging from seconds to hours.

You don’t need to stand around and press the shutter button the whole time. You can take advantage of the feature and then make use of it easily.

The Use of Interval Timer Shooting is Easy 

Step 1. Settings 

First, make sure to set the release mode to a single frame or quiet shutter. One of the fastest means to get access to the settings is to press the front left side of the camera, which is a Release mode.

Step 2. Display 

Go to the shooting menu and highlight the interval timer shooting.

interval-time-shooting nikon D5300

Nikon d5300 interval timer shooting

Step 3. Highlighting and starting the time 

When you begin to set up your capture session, you need to highlight now

If you want to set a later start time, then highlight the start time of your choosing.

Step 4. The fourth step to do is to press the multi selector right to simply the capture set-up screen


interval timer shooting d5300

At the bottom of the screen, you will see values that have appeared, which will read,

Start time,

Interval timer (that is to between shots),

Number of times, (which include, the total number of frames that are recorded).

The start time option is dimmed and the interval option is highlighted when you select now, that is step 3.

Step 5. The fifth step is to set up a recording session 

At the top of your screen, you will see the little value box appear.  The highlighted box relates to or explains the setting that is highlighted at the bottom of the screen. It is an active option.

Now press a multi-selector left or right to cycle through the value box, to change the value in the specific box press the multi-selector up or down.

There are a few things you need to remember

  • The start time and interval options are based on a 24-hour clock.  This information is based on the time and date that you’ve entered when you set up the camera. It is available in the lower corner.
  • To set the interval option, open the left column box. Make sure that the value is for a longer time than usual of the shutter speed you want to use.
  • You can set only the hour and the minute’s values for the start time option

Step 6. Multi-selector


interval timer shooting Nikon d5300

Hold the on and off options that appear on the screen.

Step 7. Press okay when you highlight

The selection that you have made as a start time option in step 3, is now, the first shot will be recorded about 3 seconds later.

The camera displays a message that says Timer Active for a few seconds if you’ve set a delayed start time.

Things to keep in mind 

  1. A light, which is a card access light, blinks when the interval time shooting is in progress.
  2. For live view photography or effects exposure, interval timer shooting is not available.
  3. You won’t be able to adjust the camera settings when the interval sequence is in progress.

Interval timer shooting is an interesting concept and fairly easy to use. However, like almost everything else in photography, technology can get a photographer only so far.

At the end of the day, your creativity and innovative thinking will make the actual difference.

When choosing your object for interval time shooting make sure to consider an object with a chronological transformation.