How to Use Interval Timer Shooting On Nikon D5300

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Interval Timer Shooting On Nikon D5300

What is Interval Timer Shooting?

Nikon’s interval timer shooting feature enables capturing a series of images over time, known as time-lapse photography. This is ideal for documenting changes or movements within a scene without manual intervention every time.

Contrary to mentioning the Nikon D3500, this feature is specifically for the Nikon D5300. This DSLR allows the camera to automatically take photos at regular intervals ranging from seconds to hours, freeing you from manually pressing the shutter button continuously.

The Use of Interval Timer Shooting is Straightforward 

Step 1. Settings 

Ensure the camera’s release mode is set to a single frame or quiet shutter release. A quick way to access this setting is by pressing the release mode dial on the front left side of the camera.

Step 2. Display 

Navigate to the shooting menu and select the interval timer shooting option.

interval-time-shooting Nikon D5300

Nikon D5300 interval timer shooting

Step 3. Highlighting and Starting the Timer 

To commence your time-lapse session immediately, highlight now. If you prefer a delayed start, select the desired start time.

Step 4. Adjusting the Capture Setup 


Interval timer shooting D5300

In this screen, you will configure:

– Start time,
– Interval between shots,
– Number of intervals and shots per interval.

The start time is disabled if you choose an immediate start, focusing instead on the interval duration.

Step 5. Setting Up a Recording Session 

A value box appears on the screen’s top, corresponding to the setting selected at the bottom. Use the multi-selector to adjust these settings.


  • The start time and interval are based on a 24-hour format, aligned with the camera’s internal clock.
  • Set the interval longer than the expected shutter speed to avoid overlap.
  • Only hours and minutes can be set for the start time.

Step 6. Finalizing the Setup


Interval timer shooting Nikon D5300

Confirm your settings to begin the interval timer shooting.

Step 7. Starting the Session

After selecting your start time, the first shot will occur approximately 3 seconds later for an immediate start. For a delayed start, the camera briefly indicates the active timer.

Important Considerations 

  1. The memory card access light blinks during interval timer shooting.
  2. Live view photography and some exposure settings are restricted during interval shooting.
  3. Camera settings cannot be changed once the interval shooting sequence starts.

Interval timer shooting on the Nikon D5300 is a powerful tool for creative photography, allowing for innovative time-lapse sequences. While technology extends your capabilities, creativity is the key to making the most of this feature. Choose subjects showing significant changes over time for the most compelling time-lapse videos.