How to Use Blackmagic Camera As Webcam

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Using Blackmagic Camera as a Webcam

In today’s remote work environment, having a webcam with excellent zoom and autofocus capabilities is essential for apps like Skype and Zoom. However, finding a high-quality webcam can be challenging, especially with increased demand during the pandemic.

If you’re struggling to find an affordable webcam, don’t worry; you can use a professional camera, such as a Blackmagic camera, as a webcam.

Many YouTube personalities have turned their Blackmagic cameras into webcams. You can do this in two ways: first, through Blackmagic’s video assist firmware update, which allows using Blackmagic cameras as webcams using the video assist monitor. Secondly, you can use a video capture device. Here are the step-by-step instructions for both methods.

Using Blackmagic Camera as Webcam with Video Assist Monitor

What Do You Need

To use your Blackmagic camera as a webcam with the video assist monitor, you need the following equipment and software:

Tripod/Mount: A tripod or mount is necessary to secure your camera and place your video assist monitor, preferably a small one that fits on a desk.

Power Source: Due to rapid depletion, it’s impractical to use the Blackmagic camera’s battery for webcam purposes. Instead, use dummy batteries that allow for a continuous power supply.

Video Assist Monitor: Blackmagic’s firmware update for using cameras as webcams is compatible with Video Assist 3G and Video Assist 12G HDR models.

The Setup Process

  1. The firmware on the Video Assist Monitor should update automatically. If not, manually download it from the Blackmagic website.
  2. Connect your Blackmagic camera’s HDMI or SDI cable to your Video Assist Monitor.
  3. Connect the Video Assist Monitor to your PC using a USB-C cable.
  4. Select your Blackmagic camera as the webcam device on your preferred platform, such as Skype, YouTube, Zoom, etc.

Using Blackmagic Camera as Webcam with a Video Capture Device

What Do You Need?

Video Capture Device: A video capture device, like the Elgato Cam Link 4K, is necessary to convert the HDMI output from your Blackmagic camera into a usable format for your computer.

HDMI Cable: Given the non-standard HDMI port on the Blackmagic camera, a micro HDMI-HDMI cable is required to connect the camera to the video capture device.

Tripod Stand: A tripod helps position your camera and manage cables efficiently.

Power Source: A power source like a dummy battery is essential for extended use, especially during long video calls, as the internal battery won’t last.

The Setup Process

  1. Connect the power source (dummy battery) to your Blackmagic camera.
  2. Turn on the Blackmagic camera.
  3. Insert the MicroHDMI end of the cable into the camera’s HDMI port and the other end into the video capture device.
  4. Connect the video capture device to a USB port on your PC.
  5. Mount your Blackmagic camera on the tripod.
  6. In your video conferencing app, select ‘USB Video’ as your video source. Your Blackmagic camera is now set up as your webcam.

Final Thought

Professional cameras, including Blackmagic, offer expanded functionality as webcams.

The setup process is straightforward. Following these steps, you can enhance your video conferencing setup quickly.

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