How to Straighten Distorted Photos With The Nikon D7500?

Photography can be tricky and often you might capture pictures on your Nikon D7500 camera that is slightly distorted. But not to worry!

There is a set of tools for retouching in your camera that can correct crooked or distorted images.

Whether you want to correct perspective or eliminate distortion due to your lens, you can do it all quite easily on your Nikon D7500 camera. Here is a step by step guide on how to do so:

How To Straighten Crooked And Distorted Photos With The Nikon D7500

Step One: Using The Straighten Tool 

The straighten tool can be used to level the horizon in your image. When you choose this option on your Nikon D7500 camera, an alignment grid will appear in front of your image.

You will be able to see a yellow marker at the bottom of your camera’s screen. It will show you the direction as well as the amount of rotation.

In case you want to move the marker on the screen, you have to press left or right on the scale. You can even press the left or right option on the multi-selector. You can use this tool to get a rotation of five degrees, at best.

Step Two: Using A Distortion Control Tool

To remove barrel as well as pincushion distortion, you have to use the distortion control tool on your Nikon D7500 camera.

While barrel distortion is a result of lens distortion, where the center image gets magnified and pushes outward, pincushion distortion results in decreasing the size of the central image.

You can use any of the two distortion features that are offered by your Nikon D7500 camera.

The option auto distortion control has rectified any distortion in the image when it is being stored in the memory card.

You can also find the distortion control option in the retouch menu, which helps to correct the distortion in the image post-capturing it.

Step Three: Using The Retouch Menu Of Distortion Control Option

There are two types of settings available in the retouch menu in your Nikon D7500 camera. The first option is auto distortion control.

You will be able to find this option in the photo shooting menu. You have to use this option in case of certain lenses where your Nikon D7500 camera uses its knowledge of lens to rectify the distortion.

If you want to rectify the distortion manually, you can do so using the manual setting. All you need to do is to select this option.

A scale will appear, and it will show the amount of degree and direction of correction is needed. You have to use the multi-selector to remove the distortion as much as possible.

Step Four: Using The Perspective Control Tool

The perspective control tool can be used to correct convergence. This effect makes the vertical structures in your image tilt towards the center of your image.

It might also seem to tilt away from the center of the image. In both cases, this tool can be used to correct the distortion.

When you select this tool on your Nikon D7500 camera, you will be able to see a grid on top of your image. You will also be able to see a scale on top of your image.

You have to press right or left on the bottom of your scale. You can even use the multi-selector option to do so. You have to drag along the vertical scale or use the multi-selector up and down to make the object in the image rotate towards you or away from you.

Now that you know what the different tools for rectifying distorted images are, what are you waiting for?

Start clicking amazing pictures today and rectify all the small errors on your Nikon D7500 camera!

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