How to Straighten Distorted Photos With The Nikon D7500

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Photography challenges such as capturing distorted images on your Nikon D7500 can be easily managed thanks to the camera’s built-in retouching tools. These tools allow you to correct crooked horizons and lens-induced distortions directly from your camera. Here’s how to utilize these features effectively:

How To Straighten Crooked And Distorted Photos With The Nikon D7500

Step 1: Using The Straighten Tool

The Straighten tool is your go-to option on the Nikon D7500 to correct uneven horizons. Activating this tool displays an alignment grid over your image, with a yellow marker indicating the rotation direction and degree.

To adjust the marker, simply use the left or right keys on the multi-selector. This tool allows adjustments up to a maximum of five degrees, ensuring your horizons are perfectly level.

Step 2: Using A Distortion Control Tool

Lens distortions, such as barrel and pincushion effects, can be corrected using the Distortion Control tool. Barrel distortion typically causes the center of the image to bulge outward, while pincushion distortion has the opposite effect, shrinking the center.

The Nikon D7500 offers two solutions: Auto Distortion Control, which corrects distortions as images are saved, and a manual option within the retouch menu for post-capture adjustments.

Step 3: Using The Retouch Menu Of Distortion Control Option

Within the retouch menu, you’ll find two distortion control settings. Auto Distortion Control is accessible from the photo shooting menu and automatically corrects lens distortion based on the camera’s lens profile data.

For manual adjustments, select the Manual option from the retouch menu. A scale will display the necessary correction degree and direction. Use the multi-selector to adjust the distortion until your image looks natural.

Step 4: Using The Perspective Control Tool

The Perspective Control tool corrects vertical convergence, where lines that should be parallel appear to lean toward or away from the center of the image. This tool is particularly useful for architectural photography.

Selecting this tool overlays a grid on your image, with a scale for adjusting the perspective. Use the multi-selector to shift the vertical lines until they appear straight, correcting any distorted perspective.

Equipped with these tools, your Nikon D7500 becomes even more versatile, enabling you to fix common photographic distortions directly on your camera. Dive into your photography confidently, knowing you have the tools to correct those minor imperfections post-capture.

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