How to Screenshot on Android?

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How to Screenshot on an Android Device?

Taking a screenshot on an Android device might seem straightforward; however, the process can vary significantly across many phone brands utilizing the Android OS. Each brand may offer unique screen capture methods, including on-screen prompts, button combinations, or palm gestures.

Let’s explore how to take screenshots of several Android smartphone brands.

How to Take a Screenshot on an Android Device


Depending on the model, Samsung devices offer multiple ways to capture a screenshot.


The primary method involves holding down two buttons simultaneously.

  1. Press and hold the power and volume down buttons. The placement of these buttons may vary depending on the phone’s manufacture year.

Palm Swipe

You can also capture screenshots using the ‘Palm Swipe’ gesture, though you must enable this feature first.

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Advanced features’ > ‘Motions and gestures.’
  2. Toggle ‘Palm swipe to capture’ on. Now, you can swipe the edge of your hand across the screen to capture a screenshot.


Motorola offers both screen gestures and recent app screen methods for capturing screenshots.

Recent Apps Screen

  1. Access the recent apps page by swiping up from the bottom of your screen and pausing. If using virtual buttons, press the square icon.
  2. Tap the screenshot button at the bottom of the screen. For extended screenshots, tap the button with two downward arrows that appear post-capture.


Gesture capture is enabled by default.

  1. Touch and hold the screen with three fingers.
  2. The screenshot will be captured after a few seconds.


OnePlus provides two methods for taking screenshots.


Press the volume down and power buttons together.


  1. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Buttons & gestures’ > ‘Quick gestures’ > ‘Three-finger screenshot’ to enable this feature.
  2. Swipe down with three fingers to capture a screenshot.

Google Pixel

Pixel phones offer a gesture and button shortcut for screenshots.


Press the volume down and power buttons simultaneously.

Recent Apps Screen

Swiping up and pausing will access the recent apps screen. Tap the screenshot button at the bottom of the screen to capture a quick screenshot.

Using a 3rd Party App

Apps like Screenshot Easy offer additional screenshot functionalities, including overlay buttons, widgets, and shaking gestures. They also offer post-capture editing options.

Using The Assistant

If you’ve set up Google Assistant, activate it with “Hey Google” or “OK Google.” You can then use voice commands to take screenshots.

Note: The basic technique for capturing screenshots on Android phones involves holding ‘Power + Volume Down.’ If this doesn’t work, your phone may have a bug, which can be addressed through Google Support.

Final Thought

In conclusion, various methods exist for screenshots on Android devices tailored to each brand’s interface. Experiment with these methods to find which works best for your device, and remember, brand-specific methods are not interchangeable across different phones.

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