How to Mount Arlo Camera Outside

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Placing an Arlo security camera outside involves more than just physical installation. Proper planning can significantly streamline the process.

First, consider your objectives. Do you want the camera to be visible as a deterrent? What area or angle should the camera cover? Are multiple cameras necessary to eliminate blind spots?

This article provides essential tips on mounting the Arlo camera outside to simplify the installation and ensure effective surveillance.

Recommended Tips on How to Mount Arlo’s Camera Outside

How to Mount Arlo Camera Outside

How to Mount Arlo Camera Outside – Recommended tips

Step 1. Find the Perfect Location

The location of security cameras is crucial for home and valuables protection. Select a location that aligns with your surveillance goals.

Mount the Arlo camera at the front door to deter thieves and burglars at the main entrance. This placement alerts you to unwanted intruders and helps monitor visitors, guests, and package deliveries.

Placing the Arlo camera near the driveway can provide 24/7 monitoring of your vehicles against theft.

Step 2. Decide on the Height and Field of View

Security experts typically recommend installing the camera at least 7 feet above the ground to ensure a wide and broad surveillance area.

The optimal height and field of view depend on the specific outdoor areas you wish to monitor. If focusing on the entrance, position the camera above the doorway.

Use the Arlo app to test the camera’s coverage area after setup. This step is crucial for achieving your surveillance objectives.

Ensure no objects or walls obstruct the camera’s view from its mounted position.

Step 3. Mounting the Arlo Camera

With the location and height determined, you can proceed with mounting the Arlo camera.

The camera includes mounting brackets and screws. If additional screws or accessories are needed, purchase them separately. Follow these steps for mounting:

1. Remove the back cover of the Arlo camera.
2. Flip over the camera’s backplate to find a circular plastic plate, which needs to be removed by pressing from the inside.
3. After removing the plastic panel, a large hole in the bracket will be visible.
4. Reattach the back cover and mounting bracket by pressing them together until you hear a click, indicating they are securely fitted.
5. Use the Arlo app to test the camera’s live view, ensuring it’s correctly positioned for your security needs.
6. Once satisfied with the field of view, secure the mount by drilling a small hole in the wall and screwing in the mount.
7. Adjust the viewing angle by rotating the camera on its hinges and secure the bracket with additional screws if necessary.
8. Finally, test the camera’s functionality and viewing angle through the Arlo app.

The Bottom Line on How to Mount the Arlo Camera Outside

Key considerations for mounting an Arlo camera outdoors include the desired height, field of view, and viewing angle. Ensure these factors are addressed before installing to avoid unnecessary adjustments later.

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