How to Mount Arlo Camera Outside?

How to Mount Arlo Camera OutsideHow to Mount Arlo Camera Outside

Placing an Arlo security camera outside is not as simple as it seems. Planning comes before action; however, it will save you a lot of time.

First, identify the purpose. Do you want the outside camera to be visible to strangers? What is the area/angle you like the camera cover? Do you have multiple cameras in case you have blind spots?

This article will take you through to some of the best tips regarding how to mount the Arlo camera outside to make the whole process easier and convenient for you.

Recommended tips regarding How to Mount Arlo’s camera outside

How to Mount Arlo Camera Outside

How to Mount Arlo Camera Outside – Recommended tips

Step 1. Find the perfect location

Positioning the security cameras in the right spot or location plays a key role in keeping your home and valuables safe. Hence, you must look for a suitable location for your purpose.

If you aim to ward off all the thieves and burglars from the main entrance, mount the Arlo camera at the front door.

Besides alerting you about those unwanted intruders, the security camera will also help you keep track of all the visitors, guests and package deliveries.

On the other side, mounting the Arlo camera near the driveway can help you monitor your vehicles 24/7 against any theft.

Step 2. Decide on the Height and Field of view

Most security experts recommend keeping the security camera positioned at least 7 feet above the surface. This is to make them cover a wider and broader area outdoors during their functioning.

Moreover, it all depends on what specific outdoor areas you want to bring under surveillance with these security cameras.

If you are looking to make the Arlo camera focus on the entrance, position it above the doorway.

Similarly, test the area under coverage once you set up the Arlo camera while using the Arlo app. This is quite critical regarding your purpose regarding mounting the Arlo camera outdoors.

Additionally, you must watch out for any objects or walls that may be hindering the view of the security camera from that position.

Step 3. Mounting the Arlo camera

Once you have decided on the location, height and other related aspects, it’s time to proceed with the Arlo camera mounting.

The Arlo camera comes with some tools and accessories to help you with the whole mounting process i.e mounting brackets and screws.

Still, if you require more screws or accessories to mount the Arlo camera, you must purchase them separately. Once you have sourced all the required tools and accessories, you can proceed with the mounting process.

Initially, take off the back cover of the Arlo camera. Once done, flip over the camera’s backplate, and you will see a circular plastic plate that first needs to be removed.

Gently press on the plastic plate from the inside of the back cover.

Once the plastic panel has been taken off, you will witness a big hole in the bracket.

You have to reconnect the back cover and the mounting bracket by pressing them against each other. It will prompt you with a Click sound once fitted in.

Now, download the Arlo app and after keying in the required credentials, tap on the Camera icon to test the Live view of the Arlo camera.

This will help you stay assured that the camera has been mounted to the right location and position according to your outdoor security requirements.

Once you are sure of the provided field of view and area under coverage, screw the mount while making a small hole in the wall.

Once the Arlo camera has been properly mounted, test its viewing angle by rotating it with the provided hinges’ help.

Tighten the bracket with some extra screws if you find the bracket a bit loose. Afterward, test the functioning and viewing angle with the Arlo app.

The bottom line for How to Mount the Arlo Camera outside

The key factors to consider here are the desired height, field of view and viewing angle of the Arlo camera.

Start ahead with the mounting process once you are sure of similar aspects, or else you may have to put extra effort and time into the whole task.

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