How to Install a Cloud Wifi camera?

How to Install a Cloud Wifi cameraHow to Install a Cloud Wifi camera

While cloud wifi cameras come with their unique features and specifications, lots of people get confused about how to install a cloud wifi camera.

Speaking of its definition, a cloud wifi camera is a security cam that captures the required footages and motions detection and saves it to the cloud via a wifi connection.

It uses only the Wi-Fi network over the Ethernet connection. So, you can get access to it anywhere and everywhere. Only when you have the support of the Wi-Fi running, does such a set-up becomes a hassle-free task on the iOS and Android devices.

These Wi-Fi cloud cameras are in popularity because of their ability to automatically upload pictures to the computer or the web storage provided from any location without any geo-location-based restrictions.

All you require is a steady Wi-Fi Internet connection. Such a camera makes it an effortless task to transfer information to the state space for the cloud recording

If you are facing trouble installing a cloud wifi camera, refer to the following steps for desired results.

Steps for how to install a cloud wifi camera 

Step 1. Installing the cloud camera application

Install the cloud IP Camera application you want to use for the connection. Download the application from the Play Store or App store based on the operating system of your device.

Step 2. Establishing connection via the app

Add a cloud Wi-Fi camera to account for the application you are using. For that, plug-in device >open the application >get registered to the account >login when you find the + symbol. It means you have to add the device.

Now click on that >select the device >scan the QR Code. Check the details of the network connection interface you are using.

Step 3. Select the desired wifi connection.

Here you are using the Wi-Fi. So, you have to specify the Wi-Fi in place of the Ethernet for connecting the device.

*Before starting, you must see that the device and application support Wi-Fi compatibility. Some devices only support a one-way connection for the Wi-Fi connection.*

Click the connection icon for Wi-Fi. Press the camera reset button> enter the Wi-Fi configuration mode> input the password of the Wi-Fi network.

You will see the Wi-Fi camera’s successful installation for powering up the cloud Wi-Fi camera recording.

Remember to connect the cloud box you are using. Do that by connecting the power supply and network with the Wi-Fi now.

Once done, proceed to add the cloud box to the account for your cloud Wi-Fi camera setup.

Afterward, connect the camera to the cloud Box with the assistance of the app settings.


  • Is there a medium for the Wi-Fi camera recording to be stolen?

Wi-Fi camera brings out some elementary security features. Still, they sometimes fail in their objective of supporting the SSL for TLS encryption that makes the cloud Wi-Fi camera vulnerable to a breach of the video surveillance footage. So, hackers can get easy access to them. Users must remember that the data between the router and the cameras are also vulnerable to Wi-Fi hack issues.

  • Is it mandatory to have the wifi for cloud cameras?

The security surveillance cameras running on wireless mode require Wi-Fi when you are setting them up. No cloud cam needs to have Wi-Fi availability. You have the option of connecting the camera to the router antenna. Setting it up by the software for storing in the cloud space requires only a one-time connection. It’s essential to see that the procedure becomes a hassle-free one.

  • Are there security cameras that do not use wifi?

You will be getting the spy cam hidden cameras that have no Wi-fi mode but using them. They will serve the purpose when you have weak wireless Wi-Fi signals or outlets. However, it’s better to choose the Wi-Fi-capable versions when you are using them regularly. 

Summing it up

You have just gone through all the appropriate steps to give you the successful installation of the cloud Wi-Fi camera. Check out this space for some more information and updates regarding your favorite security devices and gadgets.

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