How to Fix Tilted And Distorted Images on Nikon D5600?

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Fixing Tilted And Distorted Images on Nikon D5600

Correcting tilted and distorted images directly on your Nikon D5600 is straightforward. The camera provides built-in tools for these adjustments, eliminating the need for external software. Follow this step-by-step guide to enhance your photos directly on the camera:

Step 1. Selecting The Straighten Tool

The Straighten tool is designed to adjust the alignment of images. Access this tool by navigating to the retouch menu on your Nikon D5600. Upon selection, a grid appears to guide you in correcting the tilt.

Step 2. Rotating The Image Clockwise

To rotate the image clockwise, use the multi-selector on your camera. Pressing the right direction on the multi-selector rotates the image to the right. This allows for precise adjustments to align the image properly.

Step 3. Rotating The Image Anticlockwise

For anticlockwise rotation, use the left direction on the multi-selector. This option helps correct images tilted to the right, returning them to a straightened position.

Step 4. Press OK

Each increment of rotation adjusts the image by 0.25 degrees, with a maximum allowance of 5 degrees. Once you’re satisfied with the adjustments, press the OK button to save the changes.

Step 5. Opening The Retouch Menu For Distortion Control

To correct lens distortions such as a barrel or pincushion distortion, locate the retouch menu on your Nikon D5600 and select the Distortion Control option.

Step 6. Choosing Between Auto And Manual

Distortion Control offers two settings: Auto and Manual. For precise adjustments, select Manual. This option displays a scale to assist in correcting the distortion manually.

Step 7. Fixing Barrel And Pincushion Distortion

With the grid visible, a yellow marker indicates the current distortion setting. Move this marker right to correct barrel distortion or left for pincushion distortion, adjusting the image accordingly.

Step 8. Using The Perspective Control Option

For correcting perspective distortions like keystoning, the Perspective Control tool is available. This tool provides two scales for vertical and horizontal adjustments, enabling you to correct the perspective of tall structures or skewed angles.

When applying these corrections, ensure your subject is framed with a margin to accommodate the inevitable cropping and enlargement required by these tools. This precaution helps to preserve important parts of the image during the editing process on your Nikon D5600.

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