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Canon G7XMark II Landscape Settings

The Canon G7X MARK II is the successor of the Canon G7X. If you are into photography, then we highly recommend you go for Canon G7X MARK II. It has a refined camera body and improved technical performance than before.

Among the fine changes made in G7X MARK II is a rubber grip on the front, making the camera more comfortable to hold.

It is packed with the newest DIGIC 7 processor, which brings an upgrade in shooting and gives you a faster burst shooting rate (8fps).  

It comes with a 20.1MP 1-inch CMOS sensor with all other current Canon G-series. You can record images in RAW format.

The Canon G7X MARK II landscape camera is a great choice if you want to click on excellent photographs of nature.

Landscape Photographs with Canon G7X MARK II

How to shoot excellent photographs with Canon G7X Mark II landscape mode?

STEP 1. Plan in detail before heading out

First, before heading out, always make sure to check the weather. Try to find out the timing of sunrise and sunset to catch the perfect scenery.

Monitor whether the location is right or not for your desired photograph. With proper planning, the possibility of taking better landscape pictures would be far greater.

STEP 2. Utilize the Essential Gear:

Beginners always overlook packing aspects, but it is the most crucial thing in your photography life. Make a checklist to go through before starting. Follow the tips below:

Take Extra Battery: Always check the battery before going outside to the location. Also, take extras in case of an emergency.

Take Spare Memory Cards: The same goes for memory cards as well. Check the camera before starting. Carry spare parts.

Take Extra Lenses: Try not to set limits for yourself, even if you want to shoot simple landscape photos only. Take an extra fisheye lens as well or a telephoto lens. There’s a possibility you might need any of them. Carefully think about all the possibilities and try to cover them as much as possible.

Take Warm Clothes: Always pack some warm clothes when you are getting out to take photographs, even if you are supposed to come home before night or the days are hot. Don’t forget that the nights are much colder, especially if it is not summer. It is not easy to stay in a single spot with minimal movement. You need immense patience to capture a great photograph.

Take Tripod: It may disappoint you in case you leave the tripod in your home and reach the location. So, you must carry a tripod as it is one of the essential gears you require if you desire to be the creator of a great Canon G7X Mark II landscape.

STEP 3. Set Up Your Camera Accurately

Setting up your camera for landscape photography is pretty simple. You can control the depth of field shoot in Aperture Priority mode. Again, you will be able to set ISO 125-1600 to get the best image quality without noise.

The best way to dedicate to the superior landscape shot is to switch the mode to Manual Focus. Identify the scene concerning one-third of the distance towards the horizon and firmly focus at that point.

With Canon G7X MARK II, you can click professional photographs conveniently, even if you don’t have much knowledge or experience with photography.

Canon G7x Mark II landscape photography gives the ideal pleasure to nature photographers.

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