How to Adjust Canon 5D Mark III Portrait Settings?

canon 5d mark iii portrait settingscanon 5d mark iii portrait settings

How to Adjust Canon 5D Mark III Portrait Settings – Getting Started

EOS 5d Mark III comes among the high-performance DSLR cameras from the house of Canon. The Canon EF 24-105 F4L IS USM lens can be attached to the EF lens mount of the camera for stunning portrait photographs.

5D Mark III offers a wide variety of improved features in the aspects of image and video capturing that make amateur and pro photographers choose it.

Portrait photography settings on Canon 5D Mark III

How to shoot portrait photos with Canon 5D Mark III?

Step 1. Connecting a suitable portrait lens

It’s crucial to choose your lens based on the photography type you are interested in.

Select a lens according to what portrait photography requires, such as a fast zoom or prime lens with a fast maximum aperture for receiving a properly blurred background.

You can use a mid to long telephoto lens too. Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L II lens is a piece of art that is engineered specifically for portrait photography (Hey! It’s on Amazon).

Step 2. Turning the mode dial to AV

Switching over from the mode dial to the Aperture Priority or Av, you can gracefully set the value of the aperture and leave the shutter speed on the camera itself.

It is best to dial in f/2 or a wider aperture in case you prefer a prime lens. A beautiful shallow field depth will result.

Step 3. Controlling the AF point

In portrait photography, press the button of AF point selection located at the top left side of the rear thumb rest.

Now, press M-Fn on top of the shutter button. It will let you navigate through the different AF grouping modes.

Stop at the ‘Expand AF Area: Surround’. You will get an active AF area that is larger. A sharp focus on the exact subject can be obtained.

Depend on Spot AF for capturing close-up headshots.

Step 4. Controlling the active AF point location

First, press the Menu button on Canon 5D Mark III. Go to the second menu. You will get it under Custom Functions or orange menus.

After selecting the options of Custom Controls, fix the joystick that is to be set to AF Point Direct Selection.

If you wish to back out, tap on the Menu button. In this way, you can take control of the active AF point location through the joystick.

Step 5. Composing the shot for the perfect shoot

You can compose the shot simultaneously by exploring the viewfinder.

Making use of the joystick, move the AF point (active). It will position on the face or a particular feature like the eye of the subject, especially in terms of a close-up headshot.

Lock the focus by half-pressing the shutter button.

Now, it’s time to take the shot. Press the shutter button completely.

You can review the photo by pressing the Playback button.

Following these steps can make your photos similar or even better than professionally captured photos with Canon 5D Mark III flip-screen camera.

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