Is 32GB RAM Good for Gaming? Depends on This

Is 32GB RAM good for GamingIs 32GB RAM good for Gaming

Is 32GB RAM Good for Gaming?

You optimized your computer and got rid of all the applications eating up your ram and still asked yourself, “Do I need 32 GB of ram?” or How much RAM do I need for gaming?

If this person sounds like you, it may be time for a ram upgrade, especially if you are a gamer!

32GB RAM for gaming rigs is probably the sweet spot when it comes to higher RAM counts. For those who play modern gaming titles and wish for solid gaming systems, 32GB of RAM is the best bet.

Although 16GB RAM is the suggested memory capacity for trending gaming titles, but 32GB RAM makes gaming graphics and processes more pleasant.

In general, 32GB RAM capacity falls under the overkill category. That’s just because most games today don’t require much higher memory capacity.

Top 32GB RAM for Gaming and More: The Comparison Table

Here is the 5 best 32 GB of RAM to help you decide

RAMKit CapacitySystem RAM Type Memory Speed
Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO32 GB Kit (2x16GB)DDR4 SDRAM3200 MHz
G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series32 GB Kit (2x16GB)DDR4 SDRAM3200 MHz
Crucial 32GB Kit32 GB Kit (2x16GB)DDR4 SDRAM2666 MHz
Corsair Vengeance LPX32 GB Kit (2x16GB)DDR4 SDRAM2400 MHz
Patriot Viper Elite Series32 GB Kit (2x16GB)DDR4 SDRAM2666 MHz

How do I know for sure if I need 32GB of RAM?

You don’t. There are hundreds of applications and games that require different sets of RAM.

If the performance of your computer depends on the game you are playing or the application you are using, then your average PC usage demands a memory upgrade.

The only reason many gaming enthusiasts use 32GB or higher of RAM is for future-proofing.

Getting 32GB of RAM might be a smarter thing to do because you will eventually end up upgrading from 16GB ram to 32 GB ram as the gaming and software complexity advances.

32GB of RAM for Gaming. Is it Worthwhile?

Unless you run multiple memory-heavy programs and super-heavy games, 32GB of RAM is more than enough.

Even 16GB RAM with a better graphic card and OS is an adequate amount for gaming PCs.

Extra RAM headroom, more than 16GB, is not required for the already existing games. But if you want to prepare your PC for future-proofing, 32GB is good to go.

Games that run well on little RAM say 4GB or 8GB, might fail when you open other programs in the background.

There was a time when little RAM capacities were enough for most games and multiple tasks, but it is the past now.

Do you need 32GB of RAM for Gaming? The Sweet Spot or Overkill?

Let’s discuss the various RAM capacities and identify why you need 32GB of RAM.

4GB of RAM is the Thing of the Past Now

Almost every game now requires a minimum of 8 GB to run well. Most trending games do not support little RAM capacity and hence do not play well.

Running other programs and applications is not possible with such little RAM. Upgrade to at least 8GB RAM to play heavy games without interruption.     

8GB of RAM is the New Bare Minimum

Nowadays, 8GB RAM is the bare minimum for most games. But there are heavy games that don’t run well with such little RAM capacity.

Demanding games, including Apex Legends, PUBG, Battlefield (Series), and more, require an ideal amount of RAM to run properly.

16GB of RAM is the Good Bet

16GB RAM is the sweet spot for such games, but the PC might run out of memory when other major programs are also running.

It is undoubtedly the best bet for gaming when it comes to price and capacity. If you have this monster installed in your system, do you need 32GB of ram? That may depend on your CPU.

Heavy games such as The Division (series) consume more than 10GB of RAM, making it difficult for other applications to run properly.

When doing work, where a dozen tabs need to open, 16GB RAM might not come in handy. But, of course, you can shut all those tabs when playing a game to reserve more space for gaming graphics.

32GB of RAM is the Best for Future Proofing

Such an enormous amount of RAM allows you to play any game without interruptions. Plus, there is no issue if in case a dozen or more tabs are also running simultaneously.

No trending game uses more than 10GB or more RAM capacity, leaving enough memory for other apps and programs.

Yes, truth be told, not many gamers have installed such big RAM for gaming. Only some professionals who love gaming and also work on large files (4K video editing or more tasks) go for such RAM capacity.

Installing higher RAM is not necessary for today’s demanding games, but it might be an ideal choice for future-proofing.

Choosing Gaming RAM – General Thoughts

Even though RAM is the most important for gaming rigs, processors and graphics cards play the same role.

And, yes, RAM quality matters significantly, just as the quantity you are looking for. That is why choosing only renowned and trusted brands would be the best choice.

Plus, going for 32GB RAM capacity would work best to make your gaming rig a RAM powerhouse.

It gives you the authority to play your favorite games while running tons of heavy programs in the background, all at the same time.

How to check memory usage on Windows?

Make sure you keep your regular applications up and running (so that you can have an idea of your accurate memory usage)

Step 1.

Hold ctrl + alt and delete and then click on “task manager”. Alternatively, you can right-click on the taskbar and then click on “task manager”

Step 2.

Click on the “Performance” tab

Step 3.

Click on “Memory”

Step 4.

Look at your memory usage out of what you have available

Final Note

Pay attention while identifying your system’s speed for gaming. It isn’t always about simply hardware or operating system deciding the speed of your games.

If you are playing online, your internet speed becomes even more important than the other things.

Test your wireless connection speed and make sure you have a decent wifi router for gaming

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