How to Set the Basic Focusing Method on Your Nikon D7500 ?

Focusing is the most significant part and one of the key aspects of any photograph. It is the only way you can tell stories through your picture.

Only by focusing you can showcase your subject. Without focus, you cannot provide your photograph with essence.

Most camera has two focusing modes, which are autofocusing and manual focusing. This is easy to set up. There is either a dial or a switch to change from autofocus to manual focus and vice versa.

Autofocus causes some problems while shooting in dim light, whereas manual focus takes comparatively less time to focus and to click the picture

. However, both manual and autofocusing have their pros and cons. Let’s assume that your camera has both functions.

So let’s get started on how to focus on how to set the primary focusing method on the Nikon D7500 camera.

How to Set the Basic Focusing Method on Your Nikon D7500?

Step 1 

This step is how you set your lens to automatic and manual focusing.

Most camera lenses have two switches, A or AF, which stands for autofocusing, and M or MF, which stands for manual focusing.

Some of the lenses have only one switch featuring AF/M. This will allow you to autofocus by default, and they turn into fine-tuning with manual focusing.

You will find to need to move the switch according to your preference from A to M and vice versa.

Step 2  

You can set the focus mode switch on the Nikon D7500 to autofocus or manual focus according to your preference.

Moving the switch to the AF position to enable the autofocusing, and for manual focusing, set the switch to M.

If the camera has an AF-S, you can keep the mode in autofocusing and still click pictures by manually focusing.

Some tips for better usage of your Focus mode and brief on other focus modes of Nikon D7500 Camera –

  •  You can keep the autofocusing action in your hand through the exposure modes such as P, S, M, and A, and also by two settings, which are AF-area mode and Focus mode. However, the two things – focusing techniques and available setting wholly depend on whether the Live View mode or viewfinder is in use. This applies to both still and movies.
  • This means that you have to become a pro in using both the autofocusing system. You have to master the normal viewfinder focusing as well as the Live View Focusing. This will also improve your talent.
  • To change into the AF-A mode, you need to shoot in either miniature or selective colors. It is a default setting for most common exposure modes like the two mentioned above. The only problem with this mode is that a stationary subject be it a person or object is moving nearby, the camera tends to by default change to continuous autofocus. So, it is better to select any other autofocus mode instead of this.
  • AF-S mode is specially crafted to capture stationary subjects. This mode allows you to fix your focus when you click your shutter button midway. This mode achieves the focus before the shutter is released. You can change the setting to Release to take the picture when you press the button completely, even though without achieving any focus.
  • AF-C is crafted to achieve a focus on moving targets. It achieves the focus as required till the shutter button is pressed midway. In this mode, the adjustment of focus takes place only when the subject moves close or goes far from your camera.