Canon EOS R Vlogging Settings

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Canon has added yet another advanced DSLR for Vlogger to its bucket. The Canon EOS R is the latest edition to the range of DSLRs which was introduced at CES 2020 by Canon.

The camera packs a set of advanced features to record high-quality videos with different built-in shooting modes.

The Canon EOS R Vlogging Settings listed below will help you to support your videography career.

What’s new in the EOS R?

Canon has introduced this new DSLR exclusively for professionals. It is the company’s first full-frame mirrorless camera, which is unique for Canon fanboys.

If you are into Vlogging and looking for a new digital camera to add to your bucket or want to kickstart a new career in Vlogging, then Canon’s EOS R is the best option available for you in the market.

For beginner shooters, here we have listed down basic to pro video settings for the new Canon EOS R camera.

If you have already owned this camera and want to learn the best videography techniques and tips, then you must hang in here.

Canon EOS R Vlogging Settings

Just like every other DSLR camera, there are a few basic settings that you must set up and customize on your new camera.

Many people aren’t aware of the most advanced features and video shooting modes that are available to use on their cameras. Due to a lack of information, they are unable to use them.

The following Canon EOS R Vlogging Settings are there to make your video blogging life much easier.

The following basic Vlogging settings are there for the brand-new blogger who has just stepped into this industry.

If you have just bought a new Canon EOS R, then the following settings need to be done right away.

Canon EOS R Settings for Beginners

When you first turn on the camera, you will be able to start taking the pictures with the standard camera mode.

To start the Video Mode, you need to first press the Mode button from the right side of the front.

By pressing the Mode button, you will be able to change the Modes of the Camera. Yes, the Video Mode can be selected from the same menu.

Just select the Shooting Mode from the built-in Camera Modes.

Canon EOS R Vlogging Settings - Shooting Mode

Shooting Mode


Once you select the Shooting Mode, press the Info button to get more information about the available Shooting options.

For beginner shooters, the first mode that needs to be selected is Scene Intelligent Auto mode or the Aperture Priority AE mode.

Difference Between the A+ Mode and AV Mode:

When you select the A+ mode, it packs a lot of automatic features, which are more suitable for beginners.

On the other hand, the second mode, i.e., the Aperture Priority AE Mode, also works automatically, but it keeps the background blurred and the main object focused.

The Aperture Priority AE Mode lets you shoot professional videos, which is highly recommended by professional shooters.

You don’t need to do manual settings as soon as you select the Aperture Priority AE Mode or the standard A+ mode from the Camera.

How to Reset the Camera Settings to its Default Settings?

If you have messed up with the Camera’s settings and want to reset the settings that you have made in the past to the factory reset settings, then go to the main screen and select the Wrench icon.

Canon EOS R Vlogging Settings - How to Reset the Camera Settings to its Default Settings

How to Reset the Camera Settings to its Default Settings


From the main Settings menu, select the 6th option that will let you clear off all the settings made by you in the camera. Select the Clear all Camera Settings option and then click the Ok button.

Additional Settings for Videography

When you first open the camera’s main menu, you will be presented with many icons and options on the screen to customize the settings.

The first option is to turn off the main Camera settings to change the Movie Recording Quality, Movie Cropping, Sound Recording, Time Code, and Movie Digital IS.

Supported Video Resolutions

You can choose from three options- HD, Full HD, and 4K. We would like you to set the Camera recording to full HD resolution.

The camera crop down the 4K image, so you won’t be able to get a full-angle shot at 4K. For that reason, you need to set it up to full HD resolution.

From the Full HD option, select the full HD 59.9 p IPB. This setting will record your videos at full HD resolution at 60 frames per second.

You can improve the video quality by changing the full HD settings to the full HD 59.9 All- I option.

Canon EOS R Vlogging Settings - Supported Video Resolutions

Canon EOS R Vlogging Settings – Supported Video Resolutions

Sound Recording

If you want to record a professional video, then we would like you to attach an external microphone to this camera. By default, Sound Recording is enabled, which records your videos with the sound.

If you want to attach an external microphone to record a sharp and crisp voice, then you need to select the Manual option from the Sound Recording.

Optical Image Stabilization

The Movie Digital IS option is disabled by default; why does it need to be enabled by you manually?

It’s a digital image stabilization that helps you get quality images through the camera’s built-in Optical Stabilization. For some reason, the company ships the camera with the Digital Stabilization option disabled.

Canon EOS R Vlogging Settings - Optical Image Stabilization

Optical Image Stabilization


There is also an option of Enhanced, which lets you enhance the overall image quality of the camera.

If you find that the images taken by the camera are a bit shaky and not good, you can select the Enhanced option that will give you quality images.

Apart from this, the other default settings of the camera are perfect for getting started with Vlogging shooting.

You can make changes to AutoFocus by changing the default option to smiley options to capture a smiling face.

You can also turn off the AutoFocus option to switch the Camera’s settings to manual focus.

There comes a time when you have to use the manual focus by simply disabling the autofocus button from the front side of the camera.

New Touchbar

The Canon EOS R features an innovative Touchbar that lets you customize the shooting feature of the camera.

You can make changes to the default shooting option by making use of the touchbar. It lets you take full control of the recording volume, which you can adjust by sliding your finger onto the Touchbar.

Go to the Customize menu and select the Customize M-fn Bar option. You can also customize the default settings of the built-in buttons by simply choosing the Customize buttons option.

The Bottom Line:

The Canon EOS R is amazing if you want to start a new career in Vlogging.

Vlogging is not everyone’s cup of tea, but many tech-enthusiasts and professional photographers have stepped into it. Canon’s exclusive full-frame mirrorless camera is here to support your new profession.

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