Best Wireless CCTV Camera

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Best Wireless CCTV Camera

Looking for the best wireless CCTV camera but can’t decide yet?

While the world around is experiencing a big surge in the crime rate, wireless security cameras can certainly help you to keep an eye on your valuables and assets, even on the move.

Now, once you start looking for the best security camera, it’s always convenient to opt for a wireless CCTV camera with all the good features and specifications.

Consider these factors before choosing the best wireless CCTV camera


It’s understood that you cannot spend a fortune to buy a wireless CCTV camera and hence, going with the one with the right price and value for money is always recommended.

Video quality

Always check for the image quality of the CCTV camera you are buying or else you have to regret your purchase decision later.1080p cameras are a thing of past and look around for ones with 2k or 4k video quality.


It is also advised to check whether the best wireless CCTV camera you are buying comes with all the required features or not. It must be easy to mount and access while covering all the desired area without any hassle.

5 best wireless CCTV camera

Model name 2k Video resolutionPower cord requiredIndoor/Outdoor versatilitySmart Home integration
Arlo Pro 3YesNoYesYes
Wyze Cam PanNoYesNoNo
Canary ProNoNoNoYes
Ring Stick Up CamNoNoYesYes
Reolink ArgusNoNoYesNo

1. Arlo Pro3

Right like its predecessor Arlo Pro 2, Pro 3 has proved its prowess in the world of wireless CCTV cameras.

The camera doesn’t need a power cord and this is where it outperforms all of its counterparts within the same segment.

Its amazing 2k video resolution captures better details than any 1080p camera.

Moreover, it can also record perfect videos at any time of the day due to a built-in spotlight and infrared feature.

It comes with a magnetic wall mount and can easily be installed and set up with a tutorial given in the Arlo app.

Still, the only downside of this best wireless CCTV camera is that it won’t work without a base station and for that, you have to purchase more than 2 cameras.


  • 2k video resolution
  • Smart home integration
  • Perfect wire-free design


  • Got to buy 2 cameras to get a base station
  • A bit more pricey

2. Canary Pro

If you are looking for the best smart home camera, this is the right deal. Not only this best wireless CCTV camera comes with a siren feature but it also offers loads of environmental sensors alongside.

The design may look small to many but this small beast still packs a lot of punch.

This wireless CCTV camera is user friendly, easy to set up and further brings along features like person detection, 1080p resolution and Free 24-hour video history.

Still, you will find it a bit underperforming in terms of night vision as it can only cover 20 ft.


  • Inbuilt siren and climate monitor
  • Alexa and Google integration
  • Can directly be connected to the emergency services


  • 20ft range for night vision
  • Users need to subscribe for some features

3. Wyze cam pan

Now, this is a wireless CCTV camera that comes high on features and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket with its purchase.

This best wireless CCTV camera may look tiny at first instance but it still holds enough power to scan a room within just 3 seconds.

There is an inbuilt Pan scan feature that allows the user to adjust the settings for its usage at their specified terms and requirements.

One of the best surprising features is its motion tracking which can follow the person to every inch of the room.

The biggest drawback of this wireless CCTV camera is that you require a power cord and that is something that acts as a hindrance to its installation and mounting.


  • Pan Scan feature with 360-degree coverage
  • Smart motion tracking
  • Reasonably priced
  • Free 14-day cloud coverage


  • Power cord required

4. Ring Stick Up Cam

This wireless CCTV camera can be used both indoors and outdoors. The camera is quite basic but still comes loaded with a lot of features like a contact sensor, an inbuilt keypad, and a motion sensor.

It also sports a range extender that can also boost the range of your Home wifi quite easily. It is also easy to install and access. Still, the only con that has been reported by a few of its users is the short battery life.

This is where you may need to buy a solar panel accessory to help you cope with the battery issue.


  • No power cable required
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Motion and contact sensors

Alexa and Google Compatibility


  • Short battery life

5. Reolink Argus 2

If you are looking for the best wireless CCTV camera for both indoor and outdoors usage, this one is the real deal.

While it comes with a rechargeable battery, it also boasts a starlight night vision that delivers crystal clear images without any extra ambient light to up to 36 feet. Now that’s something really cool! Isn’t it?

As the camera uses a rechargeable battery or solar power, you can easily place or install it at your preferred location.

While a lot of users have complained about faster battery drainage, using a solar panel accessory is highly recommended.

Even though the users can set up this wireless CCTV camera with the help of a mobile app, the camera doesn’t deliver a stable wifi connection at times.

This might lead to jerky video playback quite often while leaving the users frustrated.

Still, the camera is worth opting for other add-on features like Free video playback with the help of the ReoLink app and email and push notifications.


  • In-built MicroSD card slot
  • No base station required
  • Email and push notifications
  • Free video playback via the Reolink app


  • Issues with wifi connectivity
  • Non-compatible with web viewing
  • Delays in motion detection

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