10 Tips for Wedding Photographers

Tips for Wedding PhotographersTips for Wedding Photographers

Tips for Wedding Photographers – Overview

The amateur photographer needs to learn a lot of things in the initial stage of their career. In this article, you will get the best tips for amateur wedding photographers who are just starting.

The following list of wedding photography tips helps to learn some innovative techniques that they might have never used before. Let’s get on to the list now!

Wedding Photography Tips for Wedding Photographers

1. Do Your Homework

Just like every other task, you need to do a little homework. For instance, create a list of shots that you will be taking using your camera.

Prepare a list of locations, costumes, and ideas. Since you are a beginner, you will have to do this before every photography session to keep things on track.

Tips for Wedding Photographers

Tips for Wedding Photographers

2. Get to Know About the Couple

Since you are hired for wedding photography, you need to know about the couple first. Get to know about skin color, height, body type, etc.

Besides this, you should also know about the family members of both. It will help you in taking the perfect family picture.

Tips for Wedding Photographers

Tips for Wedding Photographers – Get to Know About the Couple

3. Prepare Your Camera Bag

Every professional photographer keeps a dedicated bag or we can say a camera kit. The Kit includes the camera, lenses for weddings, battery, battery charger, and other essential accessories.

A typical camera bag contains a camera, battery, lens, tripod, light stand, memory card, etc.

Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography Tips – Prepare Your Camera Bag

Apart from this, some additional items such as water and snacks, a business card to promote your business, a watch, your previous work sample, etc, should also be kept inside the bag.

It will help in promoting your business effectively.

4. Checklist of Photography

A Wedding Photography can be categorized into four different stages i.e. pre-wedding, ceremony, post-ceremony, and reception.

You need to be very well prepared for each stage so that you won’t forget the best moments. Discuss more photos with the bride. When you have the pre-checklist ready, your precious time will be saved.

Wedding Photography Tips - Checklist

Wedding Photography Tips – Checklist

5. Be Punctual

Make sure to re-check the camera bag and all the accessories a day before the wedding. On wedding days, most family members are busy and for that reason, you need to arrive at the location an hour or two before the given time.

You can create a bond with the family members along with the bride and groom. It will make everyone relaxed and friendly.

Tips for Wedding Photographers

Tips for Wedding Photographers – Be Punctual

6. Take Multiple Shots

Since you are a beginner photographer, you need to take multiple shots of the same pose.

You should erase the word “No” from your dictionary as you will be asked to take different types of shots of the bride and the groom.

They know what kind of photos they need, and you will have to help them make their own choices.

Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography Tips – Take Multiple Shots

You must obey what they suggest. They may ask you questions or want to show your creativity on a mobile phone or laptop. You must be friendly with the couple.

7. Focus on Each Person

A wedding is not only for the bride or the groom but for the entire family of the couple. Focus not only on the bride, but you should also take photos of the groom.

Always remember one thing, the more shots you take better the photography album will be.

Tips for Wedding Photographers

Tips for Wedding Photographers – Focus on Each Person

8. Capture the Gifts

To shower their blessings, attendees come with some unique gifts for the couple. You must capture the gifts offered by friends and family members also.

Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography Tips – Capture the Gifts

Besides this, you should also take photos of the main gate, the clothes, gifts, suits, etc. This will help in making the perfect wedding photography album.

9. Always Keep an Assistant

You need a companion or we can say an assistant who can help you during the photography session. A secondary photographer or an assistant helps you in many ways throughout the session.

Starting from managing the camera bag to helping you set up the camera, he will be there to support you to save your precious time. Remember, time is everything in wedding photography.

Tips for Wedding Photographers

Tips for Wedding Photographers – Always keep an Assistant

10. Experiment

Experiment with new things to grab the perfect shots. To lead a successful business, you need to be a little creative with your work.

Ask the couple and their friends to pose uniquely or you can even prepare a list of poses that you may want to capture in your camera.

Unleash your creativity and you will get the best results in the end. Keep yourself motivated throughout the day and your work will be remembered for life by the couple.

The Bottom Line:

Wedding Photography is unique from other genres of photography. Instead of making your shooting day a hectic one, you should enjoy your work and make it a fun day for everyone.

Learn innovative photography techniques, experiment with different poses, and give your best shots every time you’re invited for wedding shootings.

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