10 Best Celebrity Portraits that Gives Inspiration

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10 Best Celebrity Portraits

Portrait photography is a moment a photographer captures after a proper setting and mixes their ideas into it.

It takes time and dedication for a perfect portrait to come out. Not everyone can click iconic portrait photographs.

Portrait photographs are highly in demand. It’s noticeable though reports show that the revenue of portrait photography studios in the USA reached around 4.25 billion US dollars approximately.

When it comes to highly demanded portrait photographs, celebrity portraits are the most popular.

Celebrities are pretty famous figures, so you would see the demand for celebrity photographs.

Whether it’s for auctions, magazines, or any other purpose, celebrity portraits attract viewers.

Everyone starts to notice their hairstyle, accessories and admire them. However, a good photographer clicks a mesmerizing celebrity portrait.

10 Best Celebrity Portraits

We have listed here are some of the most iconic, mesmerizing, and renowned photographers across the globe who took the best celebrity portraits. Let’s check it out!

1. John Krasinski by Justin Bettman

The special lights and gravity backdrops that Justin Bettman shows in his photographs add life to his portraits. It depicts a strong psychological depiction of the celebrities.

One of his incredible and iconic works is the portrait of John Krasinski. In his SXSW The Wrap Project, he completed his celebrity portrait shoot.

john krasinski by Justin bettman

10 Best Celebrity Portraits – John Krasinski by Justin Bettman

In the portraits, the light was coming from the side which created a nostalgic touch. His portraits included negative fill on the light’s opposite side, which made a mesmerizing effect.

In any of the projects, John Krasinki leads as a star and his portrait by Bettman has a mesmerizing look into it.

2. Nicole Kidman by Jason bell

Jason Bell is an incredible photographer. His portraits and photographs are visible in several editorial publications, including Vogues US & UK, Vanity Fair, Sunday Times Magazine, Men’s Vogue, Arena, GQ, Newsweek, Time Magazine, Spin, and Rolling stone.

Nicole kidman by jason bell

10 Best Celebrity Portraits – Nicole Kidman by Jason bell

He captures Nicole Kidman beautifully through his portrait. Nicole is an A-list celebrity and her beauty adds more meaning to the portrait.

The contrast and background of his celebrity portraits, add an aesthetic view to the photographs, which catches the audience’s eyes.

3. Kate Moss by Mario Testino

Mario Testino is an influential photographer and has an iconic status in the fashion industry. His celebrity photographs depict a beautiful fashion style.

His portrait of Moss captures her true character. When these two fashion icons join, their works reach the top of the fashion industry.

10 Best Celebrity Portraits - Kate moss by mario testino

10 Best Celebrity Portraits – Kate Moss by Mario Testino

Testino is a famous fashion photographer who loves to shoot Moss since he sees her as one of his greatest muses. Both Moss and Testino shape how people understand fashion, and you can see the reasons why in the portraits.

4. Dwayne Johnson by Mark Seliger

Mark Seliger is quite popular for his portrait of musicians. However, he also clicks exceptional portraits of actors and other celebrities.

One of his recent and incredible portraits is Dwayne Johnson, also known as “the rock.”

Dwayne johnson by mark seliger

10 Best Celebrity Portraits – Dwayne Johnson by Mark Seliger

Seliger captures the essence of celebrities in his portraits, and his portrait of Dwayne Johnson is becoming quite popular nowadays.

He captured the looks of Dwayne into a portrait for Vanity Fair magazine, which shows a realistic yet remarkable view.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio by Greg Gorman

Greg Gorman’s celebrity portraits are always a piece of art. His black and white portraits are the most popular among all.

His leading celebrity portraits are the classic 90s celebrities, including Michael Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc. He captures the true beauty of the subject that he clicks.

10 Best Celebrity Portraits - Leonardo dicaprio by greg gorman

10 Best Celebrity Portraits – Leonardo Dicaprio by Greg Gorman

Hence, you will always see a touch of beauty in Gorman’s works. One of the examples can be the celebrity portrait of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Gorman always focuses on capturing the most interesting people in the world, and the best part about his works is the way his resulting works come out to be.

6. Scarlett Johansson by Tom Munro

When we talk about celebrity portraits, another famous photographer is Tom Munro.

His cover shoot with Scarlett Johansson was excellent. Scarlett seamed up the set with her beauty and eye-catching.

Tom Munro worked with a hairdresser Garren, who showed incredible results in the hairstyling of Scarlett before the shoot. The results are visible in the portrait.

10 Best Celebrity Portraits - Scarlett johansson by tom munro

10 Best Celebrity Portraits – Scarlett Johansson by Tom Munro

Both Tom and Scarlett are enthusiastic, which makes them a perfect team for the portrait. As a sensual woman, Scarlett added an added level of beauty to the portrait.

7. Norman Reedus by Dan Winters

The portrait of Norman Reedus is quite noticeable when we talk about the best celebrity portraits. Dan captures Reedus’s portrait for the EW walking dead cover that also stars Andy Lincoln and Melissa McBride.

10 Best Celebrity Portraits - Norman reedus by dan winters

10 Best Celebrity Portraits – Norman Reedus by Dan winters

Dan Winters is an exceptional photographer who is widely known for his celebrity portraiture. He has taken portrait photographs of several well-known people around the globe.

His portrait of Reedus captures a classic look that’s visible in the portrait itself.

8. Andy Warhol by Richard Avedon

When it comes to a portrait, capturing a sense of intimacy and adding value to the photograph is essential. That’s what’s highly visible in the portraits by Richart Avedon.

He knew how to play with the camera and was the master of capturing the true nature of his subjects.

10 Best Celebrity Portraits - Andy warhol by richard avedon

10 Best Celebrity Portraits – Andy Warhol by Richard Avedon

The portrait of Andy Warhol is an example where the close shot is truly iconic and mesmerizing. He has captured different personalities, which also include Marilyn Monroe.

9. Eddie Redmayne By Nadav Kander

Nadav Kander is a well-known photographer famous for capturing the portraits of several prominent people, including Barrack Obama.

One of his highly noticeable works is that of Eddie Redmayne for The Observer. Nadav calls Eddie one of his favorite subjects for a portrait.

10 Best Celebrity Portraits - Eddie redmayne by nadav kander

10 Best Celebrity Portraits – Eddie Redmayne by Nadav Kander

He adds a forest-like background to Eddie’s portrait, which adds a classy and aesthetic look to the photograph. It captures a delicate aura of the forest yet shows the true nature of the subject.

10. Madonna by Herb Ritts

Herb Ritts comes in as one of the top-rated portrait photographers. His black and white portraits are the most popular among all and are still loved by all.

He has clicked portraits of different celebrities, supermodels, and pop stars as well.

10 Best Celebrity Portraits - Madonna by herb ritts

10 Best Celebrity Portraits – Madonna by herb Ritts

One of his most remarkable portraits is Madonna, which he clicked for her 1986 True Blue Album cover.

It’s an iconic portrait that shows the playful nature of the singer who is wearing Minnie Mouse ears in bed.


These were the 10 best celebrity portraits by different famous photographers around the world. All the portraits depict different meanings and capture the essence of the celebrities nicely.

You can take a look at the portraits mentioned above to understand how well they are photographed. As an aspiring photographer, you can take inspiration from these portraits.

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