7 of The Best Underwater Drone With Camera

Best Underwater Drone With CameraBest Underwater Drone With Camera

7 Best Underwater Drone With Camera

If you love exploring the depths underwater, then an underwater drone with a camera would be the best choice for you.

You can check out the aquatic nature through an underwater drone or even enhance your fishing techniques. Furthermore, a drone with a camera will also allow you to check if there are issues in your boat parts that are underwater.

Underwater drones are unmanned underwater vehicles or remotely operated vehicles that can be quite beneficial if a camera is added. 

These underwater devices are great, but finding one isn’t an easy task. You have to look for different features and whether it fits your requirements or not.

This article is all about how you can find the best underwater drone with a camera. We have included a list of products and a section regarding how to choose one.

However, before that, we shall check out the comparison table below for quick insights.

Product NameCameraControlMax DepthBattery
PowerVision Powerray Underwater Drone4k/12 MPWireless remote control30m4 hours
CHASING GM0001 Underwater Drone4k/12 MPWireless remote100m4 hours
CHASING Dory Underwater Drone1080pUmbilical to wifi unit, app15m1 hour
FIFISH V6 Underwater ROV4kWired remote100m6 hours
Youcan Robot Underwater Drone4kWired remote100mUp to 5 hours
Geneinno T1 Underwater Drone4kWired remote150m4 hours
SwellPro Spry+ Waterproof Drone4k UHD/12 MPWirelessNot available15 minutes

Now that you’ve had a look at the table let’s move on to the details.

7 Best Underwater Drone With Camera

Here are 7 of the best underwater drones with cameras that you can choose.

1. PowerVision Powerray Underwater Drone

Suppose you love the underwater environment and want to explore the depths for recreational or professional purposes. In that case, the PowerVision Powerray is one of the best underwater drones for that purpose.

This drone dives deep to around 98 feet, and it has a 230ft long waterproof tether as well.

Furthermore, it has a 4k UHD camera that shoots 12MP pictures. Hence, you can get great quality pictures of the underwater. It also comes with burst modes that can shoot up to 5 fps.

You can store several pictures and videos since it comes with a 64 GB SD card. You can get the best fishing experience with this underwater drone with a camera.


  • It can go up to 98 feet deep
  • It comes with a 230 ft tether connected to the vehicle
  • Allows underwater videography
  • The PowerRay Wizard helps to enhance your fishing experience

2. CHASING GM0001 Underwater Drone

You can now explore and capture moments underwater to the fullest with the Chasing GM0001 drone. It comes with a camera that allows 4k UHD pictures and videos.

It comes as a kit that includes a wireless controller/transmitter, the Gladius Mini vehicle and base station, charger and batteries, a 100 m tether, and a 32 GB SD card.

It comes with an easily adjustable pitch that has a 45-degree tilt-lock mode. It also has 2 1200 lumen LED headlights so that you can see bright underwater surroundings. It will also enhance your photography and videography experience.

What’s more, you can also get real-time views through a mobile application on up to 3 devices. It has a long battery life of up to 2 hours and allows a live monitor view through the HDMI port.


  • It can dive up to 330 feet underwater
  • It comes with a 100 m tether
  • You can see underwater clearly through its 2 adjustable 1200 lumen led headlights
  • It speeds up to 4 knots

3. CHASING Dory Underwater Drone

This drone stays connected to your smartphone or tablet from underwater and can dive up to 49’.

If you want an enhancement to your fishing experience or merely want to check the condition of your boat, you can set this drone out for a quick journey.

It will allow you to enjoy the underwater view that you can capture as well. You can now make videos and click pictures of aquatic life. It also has a wifi stream from a buoy that ranges 49’.

This drone can record 1920×1080 video at 30 frames per second speed and 2MP photographs. You can enjoy dynamic imagery as it comes with a color restore algorithm.

Its camera lenses are wide f/1.6, and this drone comes with 2 250-lumen LED lights for a better underwater view even during the night.


  • It dives up to 49’ deep
  • It comes with 2 lumen LED lights for brightness underwater
  • It is compact and easy to carry
  • You can connect this drone to your mobile phone or tablet

4. FIFISH V6 Underwater ROV

This omnidirectional underwater drone with a camera has 360-degree freedom so that you can enjoy the depths underwater to the fullest.

This drone is the world’s number 1 compact, omnidirectional ROV with a camera. Its 4k UHD camera lets you take clear and HD pictures and videos.

It can move 360 degrees and has arc rotation, lateral, 90 degrees up/down, targeted close-up, posture lock, and more, enhancing its functioning and performance.

You can use it for ocean exploration, filming the surroundings underwater, and professional or recreational purposes without any hassle.

It’s user-friendly and comes with a VR headset for intuitive and robust usage. The FiFISH smart VR goggle activates a real-time view for you so that you can feel as if you are underwater during its journey.

Hence, it allows the first-person perspective and even has a head tracking feature.


  • It comes with a motion sensor headset
  • Provides a real-time underwater view
  • Offers a 4k UHD view
  • 4 hours of driving time
  • This drone dives up to 100m deep

5. Youcan Robot Underwater Drone

If you want an underwater drone with a camera for photography, then the BW-Space Pro is the best choice for you.

It comes with auto-piloting modes, auto-adjust lighting, and a 4k camera; that’s all you would need for perfect underwater photography.

Furthermore, it has a 64 GB capacity so that you can save loads of pictures and videos on it without any hassle.

It also comes with a controller and can dive up to 100 meters underwater. This drone comes with a deep maintenance function along with corrosion and seawater resistance.

You can use it for up to 7 hours and capture moments through its 4k mirror camera with a 1/1.7-inch lens. It has a 130-degree wide-angle lens on the 4k UHD cameras that shoots video at 4 fps speed and takes 12 MP pictures. It has a sleek design and is user-friendly.


  • It can dive up to 100 meters underwater
  • It comes with seawater and corrosion resistance
  • It has a 4k UHD camera with a 4 fps speed
  • It allows automatic attitude control

6. Geneinno T1 Underwater Drone

This drone by G Gebeinno comes with a 6-thruster design with 360-degree attitude control. It can even withstand strong currents and comes with an accurate navigation system.

It can navigate in six directions: upward, forward, downward, backward, turn left, and right.

It has a wireless transmitter that uses a 2.4GHz frequency so that you can connect it to your devices. Hence, you can get a real-time underwater view on your connected devices and get an epic experience.

It has a full 4k UHD camera that has a 160-degree wide lens. It can capture widths at 50 fps speed and 1080p resolution.

Furthermore, this drone is easy to use and durable due to TITAN’s military-level waterproof endurance features. It also has a hard-shell suitcase, making it easy to carry around.


  • It has a 360-degree attitude control
  • It comes with 6 directions, navigation functions
  • It has a 4k UHD camera with a 50 fps speed
  • It has a wireless transmitter and can connect to devices through the Geneinno app
  • It is durable and has a military-level waterproofing feature

7. SwellPro Spry+ Waterproof Drone

This all-in-one drone is the best choice if you are looking for a drone that can go underwater and into the skies as well. You can take high-quality pictures and videos through this drone.

It comes with 4 flight modes, including ATTI altitude control for same-height flying, GPS-guided hovering, Acro mode for advanced maneuvers, and manual mode for total control. It has excellent features through which it sheds water and protects its internal electronics.

You can use it for underwater photography as well. It has a camera that can shoot 12 MP images and 4k videos at 30fps speed. You can also capture 2.7k videos at 60fps with its camera.

It comes with a balance charger, remote controller, aircraft, propellers, battery, carry case, propeller wrench, and a manual.


  • It has 4 flight modes
  • It is waterproof and durable
  • It has a powerful camera that shoots 12 MP pictures and 4k videos at 30fps

How to Choose The Best Underwater Drone with Camera?

Certain factors can help you determine which underwater drone with the camera will best suit you. Let’s take a look below for a better understanding.

Wireless or tethered:

The airborne drones are primarily wireless and can fly anywhere. However, not all underwater drones have wireless features.

They have a long cable that connects to the surface. It’s there because it can bring your drone back to you if it gets into some trouble underwater.

Furthermore, tether cable allows you to stay connected to your drone in real-time, which is quite beneficial to control through goggles or your mobile phone. Hence, you should look for a drone that comes with a tether cable.

Lights and camera quality:

The quality of the camera is a crucial aspect if you want the best results with a drone. The camera should have good quality to capture details in a better way.

Furthermore, the addition of lights can help enhance the picture quality since underwater visibility is already decreasing.

You can look for drones with 4k cameras and LED lights. It will allow you to get clearer underwater views.

Battery life:

Battery life is also crucial in the case of underwater drones. If you want to go fishing using the underwater drone, but it runs out of charge within an hour, it would be disappointing.

Hence, the drone should be capable of staying on for hours so that you can complete your work comfortably. You can go for drones with more than 4 hours of battery life.

Thrusters and speed:

Underwater drones have approximately two motors, propellers, or thrusters covered with the drone’s casing. These are powerful parts and can help the drone withstand the changing currents underwater.

The drone’s speed underwater depends on the weather conditions, water currents, and the number of thrusters it has. You can go for drones that run at a speed of 2-3 meters per second.

Why are Underwater Drones with Cameras Beneficial?

Underwater drones with cameras can allow you to take pictures and videos underwater, whether for professional or recreational purposes. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Some drones allow a first-person view through VR goggles
  • These devices will enable you to explore the world underwater
  • You can get high-quality underwater views if the camera is good
  • They have better run-time compared to aerial drones

Editor’s Choice:

Although all the drones listed here are excellent, we suggest the CHASING Dory Underwater Drone as it comes with outstanding features.

You can take an underwater view of up to 49’ through this drone. It also comes with 2-lumen LED lights so that you can get better pictures or videos underwater.

It has a camera with a 1920×1080 recording capacity of 30fps. Furthermore, you can capture 2mp pictures on this drone and even connect it to your mobile phone through the application. It is compact and provides an excellent experience.


Choosing the best underwater drone with a camera might seem to be a difficult task. However, doing it correctly will help you find your ideal one quickly.

Through this article, we aim to assist you in selecting the best one suitable for you.

You can also look at the buying guide above that states what to look for in an underwater drone. I hope it helps you select the best underwater drone with a camera without much hassle.

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