Best 360-degree Outdoor Security Camera

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The best 360-degree outdoor security camera (also referred to as the omnidirectional camera), comes with a 360-degree field of view.

It can capture just about everything around it. The cameras have visual fields for covering surrounding areas and shooting panoramas.

Compared to some other security cameras, the pan tilt zoom 360-degree view security cameras offer exceptional benefits.

Some of them are inclusive of infrared night vision and the most extended night vision capability. A core feature of the pan tilt zoom in this security camera ensures flexibility in the working pattern.

Recommended list of best 360-degree outdoor security cameras

Best 360-degree Outdoor Security Camera

Best 360-degree Outdoor Security Camera – Recommended list

1. Ricoh Theta V 360 spherical camera

The lightweight 360-degree spherical camera exhibits a compact design so that you can carry it everywhere. There are specific enhancements like a new image sensor, a processor for improved image quality, and 2.5 times faster data transfer, to name a few.

So, it allows the users to quickly as well as wirelessly upload the 14-megapixel stills.

There is a unique and new feature, namely software plugins for the delivery of the remote playback. The supportive 360-degree audio recording built into the interface works as an omnidirectional audio recording interface.

In addition to these features, you’ll also get the dedicated accessory 3D microphone that will allow users to pick up the natural sound with optimal volume.

2. ProElite 360° panoramic wifi security camera 

The super-wide view angle 360-degree panoramic view camera lets you see the entire room with stunning HD-quality video capability.

A motion detection interface is built into it for monitoring and capturing every moment in the house. Moreover, phone push notifications are enabled to support instant recording objectives.

It also stores the alert pictures right into the micro SD card. You will get a simple and secure Wi-Fi setup with this device that works via Android smartphone or iOS.

There is remote access built-in to the camera that works with the help of the mobile 4G network or Wi-Fi.

The night vision capability of up to 16 feet will ensure that you will never have to regret missing a moment, even in complete darkness.

Also, a communication channel is built into the unit for communicating effortlessly with friends, family, or pets. Furthermore, the camera exhibits a wide range of capabilities that you won’t find elsewhere.

3. Boavision 360 degrees fisheye security camera

The all-new 360 surround vision camera lets you capture all the moments with video recording and a 360-degree view. The surveillance camera comes with a high definition of analog cable capability.

Moreover, its hybrid board 4 in 1 feature and the dip switch ensure picking up every motion surrounding the camera. The resolution of 1080P built in the All-in-One camera board shows a 360-degree horizontal view and a 180-degree vertical view.

Also, the high-quality lens and the wide view angle and no blind spot panoramic monitoring ensure better pick-up. The metal casing and the vandal-proof and violence-resistant parts make the camera a mark of the state-of-the-art technology parts used in it.

4. Decor 360-degree panoramic view security camera

This 360 degrees panoramic view-based camera gives you an open view field along with a clear image. There are functionalities like motion detection as well as real-time activated tracing. You will get real-time alerts whenever there is a motion detected.

The auto night vision and the infrared light automatically turn on the system whenever the light goes off.

So, now be ready to enjoy the capabilities of this fuss-free device. This high-performance infrared LED-based device with remote control units can do wonders.

It runs via a phone-based application and fosters continuous viewing cum monitoring of the area under consideration.

There are high-quality video compression, video compression streaming, audio source compression, and audio bit compression streaming functionalities.

What’s more? There is a communication interface that works with the adaptive Ethernet port, giving you the required performance.

Also, it sports a built-in speaker that works with the two-way voice intercom, allowing you to stay in touch with anyone wherever and whenever you want.

The memory card storage and the TF card slot ensure that the camera is supportive of video surveillance and has cyclic coverage right after the card’s insertion.

The Bottom line for the best 360-degree outdoor security camera

The best 360-degree outdoor security camera list mentioned above can make you free from your home and office security worries. Consider it to bring the most feasible security system and solutions for your assets and valuables.

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