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iPhone 12

It was quite recently when smartphone giant Apple triggered certain speculations regarding the launch of its latest segment of iPhones by September 2020. If rumors are to be believed, the device is all set to be named as iPhone 12.

Well, if Apple decides to go by a similar naming scheme that is used for the 2019 lineup of iPhones, we are expecting the 2020 iPhones to be called iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone pro max.

Although an official statement or announcement in this regard is still awaited, we cannot write off all the surrounding speculations in the same context.

iPhone 12 Design & Display

Going by the rumors in the same context, the iPhone 12 is all set to induce some of the major changes in its design. Hence, we can say that the new iPhone 12 series would be coming in three display sizes, namely 5.4,6.1, and 6.7 inches.

The iPhone 12 is expected to be sporting a high-end OLED display and one of the versions is said to be coming in an old-school steel metal frame (the one we witnessed in the iPhone 4).

This is possibly going to take off the conventional LCD screen from all of the iPhones launched in the year 2020.

It can’t be written off as a rumor as their statement has come from Apple’s lead analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who has confirmed that the new generation of iPhones would be sporting complex segmentation design with some innovative injection procedures.

Kuo has also said that Apple will be using a more reliable sapphire or tempered glass to protect the eventual grooves in the frame. The antennas lines could be placed a bit wider but that remains a possibility

A14 chip & RAM

If we count upon the rumors doing rounds in the Smartphone industry, TSMC is possibly going to manufacture the 5- nanometer A14 chips that Apple is going to be used in their iPhone 12 series. These 5-nanometer chips are famous for their smaller size, while still delivering on speed and battery efficiency in the process due to the exceptional thermal management.

If we talk about the RAM usage in the iPhone 12 series, iPhone 12 is expected to bring along 4GB RAM while the iPhone 12 Max and iPhone 12 Pro max are going to use GB RAM in the process.

iPhone 12 Camera

We all know about the Triple camera feature Apple brought in their recently launched iPhone 11 series and this is where iPhone 12 is expected to step up to the next level.

Various rumors suggest that Apple will be adding a Laser powered time of flight 3D rear camera in the iPhone 12.

It must be mentioned that the ToF( Time of flight ) camera system brings along a laser to ascertain the total time taken by the laser to bounce off from an object in the room, while also creating a crisp and clear 3D image of the surroundings.

This is something that will then result in perfect pictures with in-depth details of every object captured in the process. The camera is said to be scanning all the objects within the 15 feet range of the device.

The front camera will be using the True depth camera technology but as it will be infrared and not laser-powered, the distance it’s going to be covering would be around 20-50cm.

iPhone 12 5G Connectivity

Well, here comes the most interesting aspect of the iPhone 12 series- the next-gen 5G connectivity features. This is in line with Apple’s plans of getting back to the Qualcomm modem chips instead of Intel chips and this is how they are ongoing to introduce the 5G connectivity feature.

While we understand that Apple and Qualcomm were indulged in some fierce legal battle earlier, they have finally managed to settle the dispute lately.

Even Ming –Chi-Kuo confirms that all of the iPhones in the iPhone 12 series are expected to be using the latest 5G technology.

It’s been stated that the iPhone 12 would be sporting Qualcomm’s X55 5G modem and thus the 5G connectivity is rested assured in each of the variants.

It must be mentioned that this will be the first 5G chip manufactured by Qualcomm which will be supporting all of the major frequency bands, network deployments, and operation modes.

Although the 5G technology is still in its rolling stages in most parts of the USA, most of the major carriers in the country are expected to lay down the groundwork required to ensure 5G connectivity, by the time Apple brings it on board in their iPhone 12 series.

Other Unique features of iPhone 12

All of the designers in Apple’s arena are currently focusing on getting off from the old school external ports and buttons to provide a cleaner and sharper look to the device.

They are possibly aiming towards the wireless charging option to completely write off the wired charging process.

Although they are also looking to eliminate the notch, that might take some time and may not be witnessed in the iPhone 12.

There are also rumors which quote that Apple is currently working to bring upon a new age foldable design to compete with their biggest rival Samsung.

They are also expected to be bringing touch-less gesture controls, curved screens, and a whole lot of other features t this ultimate gadget.

Certain rumors also quote that Apple is planning to bring the under-display fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 12 instead of the conventional touch ID feature.

Apple is also expected to be using a full-screen acoustic fingerprint authentication which would be working at any spot around the screen.

Expected Release date

Apple is all expected to release the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 pro max (probable names) by September 2020.

Although an official announcement is yet to be made in the same regard. Keep watching this space and we will keep you updated regarding every happening in the same context!

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