World’s 7 Best Landscape Photographers

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World’s Best Landscape Photographers

Inspiration is fuel to lead a successful path in every field. To understand how professionals work and what techniques they use to capture breathtaking shots of landscapes, here we have compiled a list of the world’s most inspiring landscape photographers.

The following list contains the most inspiring professional photographers from across the globe. Many of them are quite active in today’s time. Let’s check them out!

World’s Most Inspiring Landscape Photographers

Best Landscape Photographers

World’s Most Inspiring Landscape Photographers

1. Ansel Adams

When we talk about the pioneers of landscape photography, Ansel Adams’ name comes first on the list. By profession, Ansel Adams was an environmentalist and a professional photographer. He invented special techniques in landscape photography.

He was good at taking breathtaking shots of nature which made him famous in the landscape photography genre.

Being the pioneer of landscape photos, he developed extraordinary skills in black and white photography. His sharp and crystal clear black and white landscape photos are still inspiring the new generation of landscape photographers.

2. Nadav Kander

Nadav Kander is a London-based professional photographer master in landscape photography. Nadav Kander was born in Israel and studied in London.

Besides photography, he was a director and artist. He has published numerous books on various subjects.

If we talk about his work Kander’s work is recognized in his book titled “Dust” where he displayed a stunning photograph of the Aral Sea.

He knows how to make the best of shots in different lighting conditions. Kander shares his knowledge in his books. He is also quite active on social media networks.

3. Hillary Younger

Tasmania-based professional photographer Hillary Younger won multiple awards in different fields of photography.

She specializes in Landscape Photography with a series of extraordinary shots in full-color images. He is good at taking landscapes of mountains, islands, shorelines, etc.

Being a female photographer, she is inspiring hundreds of female photographers. The stunning landscapes of Hillary feature in many popular magazines.

Her breathtaking photos of Tasmanian landscapes are loved by millions. Her unique work and new techniques inspire millions of beginner photographers.

4. Brett Weston

The Child Genious of American Photography, Brett Weston, is a professional American Photographer. Brett Weston was walking on the same path as his father, the famous Edward Weston.

He was showcasing his work in the field alongside his father. During exhibitions of his photos, he was praised by professionals and viewers for his extraordinary work.

Brett Weston has taught beginner photographers that one can take landscape photos with different cameras and lenses.

Yes, Brett was taking landscapes with both wide and long lenses that made him win the title of Child Genious of American Photography by Van Deren Coke.

In his interview, Brett Weston described his father as his greatest fan. There was no rivalry between these two masters of the same field.

Besides, they work together and inspire millions of beginner photographers with their techniques and innovations in professional landscape photography.

5. David Brookover

David Brookover is yet another famous professional landscape photographer in the art world. David took mesmerizing shots with his lens without special equipment. His techniques were unique and for that reason, he developed a great career in professional photography.

David’s landscape photographs include landscapes, abstract, wildlife, etc. Besides capturing the landscape, he has developed special skills in printing and planning the shots taken by the camera.

What’s unique about his work is he didn’t rely on anybody’s work or support. He invented plenty of new techniques to take landscapes from different angles.

6. Max Foster

Max Foster is an American-based professional photographer and traveler. He developed his photography skills while traveling to different places across the globe.

With hundreds of unique shots during his traveling journey, he made a special place in landscape photography.

If we talk about Max’s work, he enjoys shooting different and unique shots of landscapes that include mountains, islands, waterfalls, etc.

His work was featured in many magazines to inspire beginners. His special outdoor photography skills inspire beginner photographers who want to learn about taking outdoor shots and not just landscapes.

7. Joshua Snow

Joshua Snow is a professional landscape and night photographer. His unique skills in taking night landscapes are what inspire millions of people across the globe.

Joshua Snow has made a special place in landscape photography by showcasing his talent in night photography with dramatic lights that he applies while taking landscapes during the night i.e. in low-light.

His technically perfect images feature in many magazines. Unlike other professional photographers, his night photography skills made him win a place on the list of the world’s most inspiring landscape photographers.

If you want to develop the same skills to take detailed night photos, then Joshua Snow is worth following.

The Bottom Line:

There are thousands of landscape photographers present in the world, and most of them have their websites. They are also quite active on their social media profiles where they share their knowledge and skills.

You can develop special photography skills in landscapes by following them on their social networks, or you can read about their skills from their websites. Earn knowledge, and get inspired!

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