Android 12 is All Set to Hit the Techno-World

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Android 12 is All Set to Hit the Techno-World

Google is cooking something delicious for all the tech-savvies around the globe. We all have heard about Google’s new launches i.e. Android 12 and the next generation of Google’s smartphone i.e. Pixel 6.

However, the company didn’t reveal the exact release date for these two launches. Today, we got some news about the launch date of Google’s new Android 12 OS and of course, the much-awaited Pixel 6 smartphone.

What’s the news all about?

An internal document suggested the potential release date of Google’s Android 12 and the Pixel 6 smartphone. A member of XDA Developers has unearthed by a document.

Mishaal Rahman has unearthed an internal document that clears the doubts about the launch dates of the Android 12 Operating System. He has tweeted all the details regarding the launch date and Google’s upcoming plans for this current year.

What’s the news all about

What’s the news all about

The tweet is embedded below which describes everything that you might want to know about the Android 12 and Pixel 6’s launch dates.

Android’s Open-source Project releases list down the upcoming edition of Android i.e. Android 12. The document says that the new edition of Android i.e. Android 12 will be released on Oct 4, 2021. This is for the ASOP which means the same date is set for the public release of the new Android 12.

The History of Google’s New Products Launches

If we talk about the history, Android 11 was released on Sept 8 last year. The public version of Android 11 was released on the same date. This clears pretty much all the doubts that we have about the release of the public version of Android 12. Since we came to know about the Android 12 ASOP, we can expect the Android 12 to release on the same date for the public.

What about New Pixel Phones?

Google is also planning to launch a couple of editions of their new Pixel smartphones i.e. The next generation of Pixel phones with Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. We believe that the new Google Phones i.e. The Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro will also be launched on Oct 4, 2021.

If not on Oct 4, 2021, then we could expect it to be launched a week or a few days after it. Just like the previous Pixel phones, Google will release the new Android 12 Operating System for their new smartphones i.e. the Pixel 6 Phones. So yes, the new Pixel 6 Phones are not far away from their launches.

Google’s flagship devices are reserved for their new Operating System i.e. the new edition of Android. We have seen the history of Android’s new editions for Pixel phones in the past. Google releases a new edition of Android exclusive to Pixel users. Gradually, the new Android Operating System makes available to other flagship devices.

We have seen several rumors and a rumored video about Google’s new Pixel 6 smartphones. The rumors keep on coming daily on Android 12 and the new Pixel 6 smartphones. We know a lot of information about Pixel phones and the new edition of Android 12. There are some leaks of Android 12’s new features as well. If we go by the rumors, it indicates that the new Pixel phones will be launched this fall.

About Google’s Pixel 6 Smartphone:

We have discovered several rumors and leaks about the Pixel 6 smartphone. As per the rumors and leaks, the new Google Pixel 6 smartphone will be sporting a 6.4-inch display with a dual-camera on-board.

The Pro edition of this phone i.e. the Google Pixel 6 Pro will come with a slightly bigger display i.e. 6.7-inch. The Pixel 6 Pro will be featuring a triple camera at the backside as the primary camera.

Both the devices, i.e. the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro will be shipped with the latest edition of Android i.e. Android 12. The devices will be powered by a new Tensor Processor. It is Google’s own processor invented for their Pixel series smartphones.

Android 12’ Availability:

As noted above, the new Android 12 Operating System will be made available exclusively to Google’s new Pixel smartphones i.e. Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. If you are using an older version of the Pixel phone, chances of getting the new Android 12 older Pixel devices are high. You may get it sooner.

Android 12’ Availability

Android 12’ Availability

Talking about Android smartphones from other manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, etc., it will take around three more months to get the new edition of Android 12. According to reports, the new Android 12 for third-party manufacturers will be released for their new flagship phones only.

However, we believe that the new Android 12 will be also available for the existing flagship phones from popular manufacturers. We will wait for the official information on the new Android 12 Operating System and the new Pixel phones. The company is preparing for the release date already!


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