How to Use GoPro Hero 5 Session?

How To Use Gopro Hero 5 SessionHow To Use Gopro Hero 5 Session

How To Use GoPro Hero 5 Session – Overview

The GoPro Hero 5 session is probably the smallest action cam on this planet. Still, when it comes to how to use the GoPro Hero 5 session, you have to take care of a few aspects right from the start.

Weighing just 2.6 ounces, this pocket dynamo action cam can be placed at any preferred spot to capture those impossible action sequences. Speaking of its size, this masterpiece is similar to the size of an ice cube and can easily be fitted in your pocket.

Well, regardless of its size and weight, this tiny beast scores some good points on its impeccable performance and efficiency.

Recommended steps regarding how to use the GoPro Hero 5 session

Step1. Charge the battery

Before you get any further with the first-time usage of the Hero 5 sessions, charge the camera battery. You will notice that the camera’s status light will turn on once you put it on charge and gets off after the camera is fully charged.

Moreover, if you are charging the camera via a computer, ensure that the computer is plugged into a power source. Just in case the camera’s status light doesn’t turn on during the charging process, go for a different USB port.


Hero 5 session comes with a unique QUIKCAPTURE feature that lets you quickly capture video or time-lapse content. Besides facilitating the quick capturing of video clips, the feature also helps in saving battery life.

To start using this feature, you must first power off the camera and press the shutter button. The camera will turn on and will give several beep sounds before starting the video recording.

The status lights will keep blinking while the camera carries through the recording process. If you want to shut down the recording process, press the shutter button once again. The same process needs to be followed to record in timelapse mode.

Step 3. Video capturing

The GoPro Hero5 session records video in three modes – Video mode, Video + photo mode, and Looping mode.

Video mode

Using this mode, you can capture the video in all the available resolutions. Turn the camera off and then press the shutter button. It will then turn on with a few beep sounds and automatically start recording in the video mode used previously.

Video+ photo mode

You can capture a video and photo simultaneously while using this mode. Moreover, the same recording and photo capturing can be done in 1440p24, 1080p30 and 720p30.


Using this feature, you can continue with the recording process without any stoppages and later save the portions you want for further editing. This feature is available in 1080p30,960p100,720p120 and 720p60.

On the other side, you can save the portions of the video while using the highlight tags. Now, do remember that this feature is only available during the videos’ playback and not during the recording process.

Step 4. Photo capturing

Once you put the hero 5 sessions in the photo mode, it will give you three capture modes to choose from- Photo, burst, and night. Using the normal photo mode will make you capture photos in default settings.

On the other side, the burst mode will allow you to capture 30 photos in one second. This mode is generally used while shooting sports and action sequences with faster movements.

Speaking of the night mode, it is mainly used to facilitate photography in low-light surroundings. During this mode, the shutter stays open for a longer period to allow light to enter the shot.

Step 5. Using the Timelapse mode

Just like video and photo modes in the Gopro hero5 session, the timelapse mode also offers three capture modes to the user- Time-lapse photo, Night lapse photo, and Timelapse video.

Time-lapse photo mode allows you to capture multiple timelapse photos during a specified period. Hence, you can use the best photos from the list for further editing. Similarly, the Timelapse video mode facilitates multiple video clips captured within the specified time.

Night lapse photo mode, on the other side, makes you capture multiple photos in low light conditions.

The bottom line for how to use GoPro Hero 5 session

Even while being smaller in size, the Hero 5 session is quite big in its features. Still, you can refer to all the guidelines mentioned above regarding any issues related to its usage and handling. Also, keep checking this space for all the updates and information related to your favorite cameras and devices.

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