How to Use GoPro Hero 5 Session

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How To Use GoPro Hero 5 Session – Overview

Despite its diminutive size, the GoPro Hero 5 Session is a powerhouse of an action camera, capable of capturing stunning footage from virtually any location. Like an ice cube, its compact size makes it highly portable and versatile.

Recommended Steps on How to Use the GoPro Hero 5 Session

Step 1. Charge the Battery

Before using the Hero 5 Session for the first time, ensure its battery is fully charged. The status light will illuminate during charging and turn off once the camera is fully charged. If charging via a computer, ensure the computer is connected to a power source. Switch to a different USB port if the camera’s status light does not turn on.


The Hero 5 Session’s QUIKCAPTURE feature allows for easy video or time-lapse content capture. To use it, power off the camera and press the shutter button. The camera will turn on, beep, and start recording. Press the shutter button again to stop recording. This feature also conserves battery life.

Step 3. Video Capturing

The Hero 5 Session offers three video recording modes: Video mode, Video + Photo mode, and Looping mode.

Video Mode

Capture video in various resolutions. To start, turn off the camera, then press the shutter button. The camera will beep, turn on, and begin recording using the previously selected video mode.

Video + Photo Mode

Capture video and photos simultaneously in resolutions like 1440p24, 1080p30, and 720p30.


Continue recording without interruption and save only the desired portions. Available in resolutions like 1080p30, 960p100, 720p120, and 720p60. Use highlight tags to save portions of the video during playback.

Step 4. Photo Capturing

In photo mode, choose from Photo, Burst, and Night modes. Burst mode captures 30 photos in one second, which is ideal for action sequences. Night mode is designed for low-light conditions, allowing the shutter to stay open longer.

Step 5. Using the Timelapse Mode

Timelapse mode includes Time-lapse Photo, Night Lapse Photo, and Timelapse Video. Time-lapse Photo captures a series of photos over a set interval, while Timelapse Video captures video clips. Night Lapse Photo is tailored for low-light conditions.

The Bottom Line for How to Use GoPro Hero 5 Session

The Hero 5 Session may be small, but it’s packed with features. Refer to the guidelines above for any questions regarding its operation. Stay tuned for more updates and information on your favorite cameras and devices.

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