How to Use DBPower Projector?

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How to Use DBPower Projector – Overview

DBPower projector is a mini projector with a large screen size (up to 176 inches screen size). This projector has quite sharp images when compared to the other mini projectors.

Recommended guidelines regarding how to use DBPower projector

Connecting the projector to a power source

First of all, connect the DBPower RD810 projector to the power cable. Once done, the projector will then display an indicator light confirming the successful connection to the power source.

Press the “Power button of the DBPower projector. You can see it on the projector or the remote control.

After being powered on, you will be prompted with a certain welcome message on the projector screen.

Multimedia screen booting

After 3-5 seconds, you can see that the multimedia screen will be displayed. This confirms the successful booting of the device. In case you don’t get the required result, check whether the cables and plugs have been properly connected.

Focus & keystone correction

You will then see that the image on the projector is being displayed in a trapezoid shape. Adjust it with the keystone correction function and see if the same has been properly done by the system.

Do that by pressing the numeric key 3. By doing this, you can normalize the display image. Just in case you are unable to get the required image shape or size, check the image settings in the main menu.

Image focusing

Make sure the projector stays in the horizontal position. Now enter into the menu settings of the projector screen and adjust the focus by pressing the numeric key ‘2’.

Check the adjustment by displaying the video or the menu to check.

Display settings

The projector makes use of an optical keystone correction function. You can control the menus with a DBPower projector remote.

With it, you can get the required image adjustment according to your needs and requirements.

However, it would help if you kept in mind that the projector does not have a horizontal keystone correction function.

It would help if you positioned the DBPower T20 projector horizontally to the projection screen. Doing this can rightly portray the video or presentation on the projector.

In case you encounter an issue with the display, you must know that this happens due to the projector being placed horizontally to the projection screen or the projection screen not vertically positioned.

Make required adjustments to the projector’s position so that it becomes horizontal to the screen.

Playing media from a USB/SD card

Insert the USB/SD card into the appropriate slot or port available on the projector. Once done, opt for the SD or USB options after checking the connection settings within the Main menu

Supported multimedia formats

Make a Choice of the content which you need to display. The options available are Video/music/photos/text. Choose the file that you want to appear. However, don’t forget to press” “display or stop after the initiation or end of the same presentation or video.

Speaking of the Audio file, you can choose from MP3/WMA/OGG/AAC/MA4/FLAC/APE/WAV files. On the other side, if you want to display an image file, you can choose from JPEG/BMP/PNG.

AV connection

For proper AV connection, use a 3-in-1 AV cable. You can build a connection to the projector while properly connecting the given cables with the devices. Once connected, make the selection of the AV signal source.

HDMI connection

You have to make the right selection of the HDMI slot in case you encounter a DBPower projector with no sound HDMI issue.

Now connect the required computers and HDMI-compatible devices. Once you make the connection, select the required HDMI signal source.

3.5mm audio connection

Utilize the 3.5mm audio jack capability to connect any headphones and speakers to the device. Doing that, you must know that the projector doesn’t support Dolby sound.

Bottom line for how to use DB power projector

In case you don’t have the required knowledge and update regarding how to use the DBPower projector, refer to the guidelines and steps mentioned above.

For further assistance, you can leave your questions and doubts in the comments section and we will try our best to come back to you with the most appropriate solution/ answer.

The device comes with a user manual that involves every detail regarding its functioning or the required troubleshooting process.

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