How to Start Travel Vlogging?

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How to Start Travel Vlogging?

Do you have the desire to travel around the world? Do you often look for the most traveled places? Do you get baffled by the history of a place and think to share it with the rest of the world with your experience while visiting the places? Or do you ask yourself, ‘How do you start travel vlogging?’ If you are looking for a reply to this question, you are in the right place to read about it. This blog will take you through the comprehensive guide on ‘How to start travel vlogging?’

1. Travel vlogging equipment:

Travel videos should be informative and full of entertainment to engage the viewers; one should have camera equipment. The camera should have qualities like a fully articulated screen (flip screen), continual autofocus, face recognition, touch-to-focus, good low-light performance, lightweight, portable, long battery life, weather-sealed, hyper-lapse/timelapse/slow-motion modes of shooting.

Apart from the camera, the lenses should be wide-angle to cover most angles, a telephoto lens for close-up shots from a much farther distance, a standard lens for a close-up shot from a closer range, and an optical image stabilizer for a much more precise and defined image while filming.

2. Travel vlogging accessories:

Using equipment alone is not a solution; one must have suitable accessories to carry while traveling to capture the scenes more accurately. The list goes like Tripod, GorillaPod SLR-Zoom with Ballhead, Stabilizing Gimbal, On-Camera LED light, Neutral Density Filters, Camera cleaning kit, Drone, Portable charger, mic, extra batteries, memory card, and external hard disk.

For post-processing, the edit is another essential part of vlogging. One requires a laptop and decent software for editing, cutting, and joining the vlog clips.

3. Travel Ideas:

To become a famous vlog, stop searching for ‘How to start vlogging?’ and start filming the short trips you may have in a nearby famous lake or forest. Observe how people react to your vlog and look for how to keep them visiting your vlog on repeat. It is your experience that makes your story different from others.

It will be feasible if you share the tips and tricks with the viewers, which may help them to avoid the negatives and enjoy the most of their trip. Creating short footage will also bring millions of viewers to your channel to check what to do and what not to do while traveling.

People often follow a vlogger to see what a non-expensive type of travel may bring to them. Remember, try to cover famous local food, streets, and much more. This can also be done by interviewing the locals, which will assist in connecting to them.

4. Take the shots continuously:

Being a travel vlogger, is not an easy task, as you cannot retake, reframe the shot, it is one time, one-shot or no shot. For this, one should be ready for every frame to capture, have patience, and look for the best shot that will bring viewers to the channel.

To become a successful vlogger, one should be proactive in creating a visual by asking to shoot one best shot in minimal time. To bring proficiency in oneself may take time, but practicing it again and again will never let you regret it later.

5. Keep it short and crisp:

The more information, the longer the video will be. Unfortunately, a longer video may lose the interest of the viewers. However, a shorter video will help to engage the audience with the video. To become a successful vlogger, pack all the information in a much crisper form to maintain interest, so keep the video under 20 minutes.

6. Optimize the video for search engine optimization:

Making, creating, and editing vlogs are crucial. The optimization of the videos is essential, and this can be done by choosing the right keyword, the right title for the vlog, a short description, an attractive thumbnail image, creating subtitles, embedding, and linking videos.

Apart from all the points mentioned above, always keep in mind your niche and the genre of viewers you are looking forward to catering to. By keeping them in mind, one will bring masses to the vlog. So, stop searching ‘How to start vlogging?’ and commence vlogging. One usually has the potential to do the things, but one hesitates, to overcome the hesitation pick up your gears, and start vlogging.

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