How to Edit a Vlog?

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If you are passionate about vlogging but need some help regarding ‘how to edit a vlog’, you have certainly landed in the right place.

Vidoe editing is required to bring that whole new touch to any given vlog, and this is why most of the vloggers around the world use video editing tools to go by the same task.

No matter what system or PC you are working with, using the tools and programs mentioned below can make the whole video editing task easier.

Recommended tools for how to edit a vlog

1. Windows movie maker

How to Edit a Vlog

How to Edit a Vlog

If you have a windows computer, this program comes pre-installed. Hence, we can regard this Windows movie maker as the handiest tool to edit a vlog without spending a penny.

Even though the Windows movie maker’s features and tools are quite basic, it will still help you get through with an ordinary video editing task.

Besides helping you with the trimming down of the video file, this program also brings specific visual effects and add-on features.

Moreover, you can share and upload the same video to your favorite platforms like Facebook, One drive, flicker or Vimeo

2. iMovie

This video editing tool is provided by Apple, so you must have a Mac OS X to get started with the whole editing task.

The tool got all the basic and advanced features, and the interface is also user-friendly.

From adding a voice, text, animations, picture, or voice-over, you can do it all within this tool without any issues.

Numerous preset visual effects and animation options within this tool can provide a whole new touch to your vlogs.

The only downside of this video editing tool is that you cannot resize the text in the video, and the same goes for the usage of preset animations.

Also, the tool is not available for free, so you have to shell out some money to get the desired editing output.

Still, iMovie can be used on an iPhone, so it’s not always that you need to log in to your system to get ahead with the video editing task.

3. Filmora video editor

If you are trying your hand at video editing for the first time, this video editing tool is the right way to start.

Besides being simple to use, Filmora offers all the basic and advanced video editing features on the main window only.

You can easily cut, trim, crop, cut, split, or merge your videos with the help of all the multiple filters, titles, overlays, and animations available within this tool.

Well, you can also stabilize or play your video in reverse with this video editing tool. Speaking of the price, you can get Filmora for around $50 as a lifetime purchase.

4. Corel Video Studio

If you aspire to take your video editing skills to the next level, this is the video editing tool you can vouch for. With all the advanced features and tools, you can edit all of your videos here like a pro.

What else? You will come across a big list of royalty-free music and sounds that can be used to facilitate your video editing process.

Moreover, you can upload the same videos directly to Facebook or youtube after getting them edited through this tool.

5. Adobe Premiere clips

Right as iMovie allows all the IOS users to edit their videos on the iPhone, Adobe Premiere clips give the same facility to the android user base.

Besides adding all the visual effects, you can bring most of the basic editing features and tools in use to add some more glitters to your videos.

So, no matter if it’s about adding music, titles, animations, or slides to your videos, you can perform any task smoothly and conveniently.

Summing it up

Using the tools and programs mentioned above can help you to trim or edit your favorite videos easily.

Also, before you decide on picking the right video editing tool, think about your requirements and available budget in the same respect.

Few of the video editing tools in the above list are paid ones and are mostly meant for people who would like to bring a professional touch to their vlogs.

Moreover, keep checking this space for more such updates and information regarding your favorite gadgets and technology.

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