How to Connect GoPro To TV

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How to Connect GoPro to TV – Overview

Connecting your GoPro to a TV can be as straightforward as preparing breakfast, provided you have the correct “ingredients” and follow the “recipe” correctly. The GoPro action camera’s capability to capture stunning action sequences from unique angles makes viewing those recordings on a larger screen enticing. Adhering to the guidelines below will facilitate this process smoothly.

Connecting GoPro to TV via HDMI Cable

You’ll need an HDMI to micro HDMI cable and an adaptor to connect your GoPro to a TV. Begin by turning off your GoPro. Connect the larger end of the HDMI cable to your TV’s HDMI port and the other to the micro HDMI adaptor. Then, connect this adaptor to your GoPro and power on the camera.

Select the appropriate HDMI input on your TV. Not all GoPro models support HDMI connectivity, so this method may not apply universally.

List of GoPro Action Cameras with HDMI Support

GoPro models like the Hero 5, 6, 7, and Hero 4 Silver feature built-in HDMI ports. However, models such as the Hero 7 White, Hero 7 Silver, and GoPro Sessions lack HDMI ports and instead offer USB connectivity, necessitating a USB card reader or adapter for TV connection.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Connecting GoPro to TV

Q1. Can I charge the GoPro with the HDMI Cable?

A. The primary function of an HDMI cable is data transfer. While charging a GoPro using this cable is technically possible, it’s recommended to use it mainly for its intended purpose. A USB port providing +5 volts of power output is more suitable for charging while transferring data.

Q2. Can I connect GoPro Max to the TV via an HDMI Cable?

A. The GoPro Max lacks HDMI support, necessitating a USB drive or adaptor. Transfer your photos or videos to a USB device and connect it to your TV for viewing.

Q3. Can my GoPro play a 4K Video on the TV?

A. Only GoPro Hero series cams can play 4K videos on a TV through HDMI. For other models, using a USB card reader or drive is necessary. Additionally, ensure your TV supports 4K resolution to appreciate the video quality fully.

Q4. Can I connect the GoPro to the TV via WIFI?

A. Direct Wi-Fi connection from GoPro to TV isn’t possible. However, if you have a Smart TV with Android or iOS support and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can stream videos or photos directly using the GoPro app.

Q5. Would I be getting the same video quality while playing on TV?

A. Video quality depends on the TV’s resolution and the original video quality recorded by the GoPro. For the best experience, use a TV that supports 2K or 4K resolutions.

Bottom Line for How to Connect GoPro to TV

Connecting your GoPro to a TV should be hassle-free with the right accessories, such as an HDMI cable or adaptor. Ensure your GoPro model is HDMI compatible, and invest in a high-quality cable for optimal video quality on your TV.

Stay informed with updates and tips regarding your favorite GoPro cameras and accessories.

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