Noise Cancelling Headphones Frequently Asked Questions

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Noise Cancelling Headphones – Overview

No matter if it’s about managing through a 12-hour long flight with a bunch of noisy co-passengers or enjoying your favorite music at any given place, a moment of silence is sometimes all we need.

Now, this is where all those headphones with noise-canceling features come to your rescue. Even though you may have to shell out a bit more money on these headphones, the investment is worth it.

Still, there are many people around that have numerous questions and doubts about the usage and performance of noise-canceling headphones.

Hereby, we have handpicked a few of those questions along with their most relevant answers to clear up the air.

Q1. Do noise-canceling headphones work without music?

A. Yes, there are certain headphones with an active noise cancellation feature that cancels all noise even when you are not listening to your favorite music.

Still, the same feature is not available with all the headphones and you have to check for it before making the purchase.

Q2. How do noise-canceling headphones work?

A. Once the mic of the noise-canceling headphone detects any unfavorable noise, it right away emits a sound wave with similar amplitude.

Although the sound waves carry the same amplitude, they come along with an inverted phase to the original sound.

The combination of both sound waves eventually creates an interference process that cancels their respective impacts.

Q3. What about noise-canceling headphones pressure?

A. While using noise-canceling headphones, you may experience a sort of air pressure within your ears.

This is due to the response sent by your brain in the absence of that low-frequency sound from the nearby surroundings.

The same low-frequency sound creates a pressure difference between our inner and outer ears. Hence, in its absence, we may feel like a sort of vacuum created within the ear.

This experience is the same as when we are traveling via an airplane. Our ear feels the absence of that low-frequency sound and gets numb out of the pressure created within the process.

Q4. Do noise-canceling headphones lay any negative impact on our brain?

A. Although listening to music on high volume for extended hours may cause some harm to your ear and nervous system, you cannot associate this specifically with noise-canceling headphones.

This is why every headphone comes with a statutory warning in the same regard.

On the other side, once you start using noise-canceling headphones, you may feel a bit of numbness in your ears out of the lack of frequency sound.

Your brain may make you think that your eardrums are getting sucked off, even when there’s no such issue in reality.

Q5. How do Sony noise-canceling headphones work?

A. The mechanism behind the functioning of Sony noise-canceling headphones is similar to that of any other noise-canceling headphones around.

The headphones have a built-in noise-canceling circuit that detects outside noise with an inbuilt mic.

Again, it sends out an equal, yet opposite canceling signal to the headphone. Once your headphone produces this counter-signal, it cancels out any outside noise from entering your ears.

Q6. Is its noise-canceling technology safe for humans?

A. There is no such proven harm to your health or ears while using noise-canceling headphones. All you need to do is just don’t listen to the music on higher volumes for long periods.

That way, you may harm the eardrums while causing several other health issues.

Q7. How to know if the noise-canceling feature is working in your headphone?

A. The best and easiest way to test this is to put your headphones to use in a noisy area.

Once you start with their usage, you may hear a ‘Humming’ sound that may seem like suppressing all the outside noise within your surroundings.

The noise-canceling headphones only suppress the outside noise ( and not cancel) during their usage.

This is where you can track their usability without putting much stress on the technology used during their functioning.

Q 8. Is it worth buying noise-canceling headphones?

A. In case you want to enjoy your music without any outside distractions, these noise-canceling headphones are worth going for.

Also, if you are frequent with air traveling, using these noise-canceling headphones can help you to cope with that air pressure inside the plane.

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