How to Create A Digital Slide Show on The Nikon D7500 Camera

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You can view files on your Nikon D7500 camera using the slideshow feature, which displays all the videos and images sequentially and automatically.

To see the files in the playback folder, simply access the playback menu on your camera. Follow this step-by-step guide to create a digital slideshow on your Nikon D7500 effortlessly:

Creating a Digital Slide Show On The Nikon D7500 Camera

Step 1: Accessing The Playback Menu

First, navigate to the playback menu on your Nikon D7500. Once the playback menu is displayed, look for the slideshow option.

Select the slideshow option, which can be found on the right side of your camera’s screen.

Step 2: Choosing The Image Type

Next, decide on the images you want in your slideshow by setting the image type option on your Nikon D7500.

You will be presented with several choices upon selecting this option. Decide if you want to include both videos and photos.

Alternatively, you can opt to include only photos or videos in your slideshow.

Step 3: Adjusting The Frame Interval

The frame interval setting is crucial for your slideshow on the Nikon D7500. Choose the frame interval after determining the type of images you want.

This setting allows you to control how long each photo is displayed during the slideshow. Note that this option is not available if your slideshow includes only videos.

Videos will be played in their entirety on your Nikon D7500. After setting the duration, click ‘OK’ to finalize your selection.

Step 4: Starting The Show

After selecting the desired images and videos for your slideshow, start the show by selecting the start option.

Step 5: Pausing The Show

If you need to pause the slideshow, press the ‘OK’ button on your Nikon D7500.

Step 6: Resuming The Show

To resume the slideshow, look for the Restart option and select it to continue the show.

Step 7: Exiting The Show Early

To exit the slideshow before it concludes, access the playback menu on your Nikon D7500 and select the option to exit.

If exiting early, you’ll be asked if you wish to restart the show.

You will also have the option to adjust the frame panel or return to the playback menu to modify your slideshow settings.

Step 8: Using The Hide Image Function

Your Nikon D7500 includes a hide image function, which allows you to exclude specific images or videos from being displayed in the slideshow.

Following this guide will simplify starting a slideshow on your Nikon D7500.

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