4 Best Nikon Cameras for Photography: Mirrorless vs DSLR

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Best Nikon Cameras for Photography

In the mirrorless camera segment, which ones are the best Nikon cameras for you?

If you are entering the world of photography, you will find yourself facing two practical choices, one is the brand you want and the second is about whether you go for a DSLR or a Mirrorless Camera.

Both these types of cameras have their pros and cons, and both options offer high-quality products, which will ensure high-quality photographs.

So which one should you pick? The answer to this question depends on your requirements and preferences. To make this choice more comfortable, let us look at the intricacies of both types.

What is a Mirrorless Camera?

A mirrorless camera is, as the name suggests, a camera without a mirror. Why is the focus on the mirror?

The answer is that this is the distinguishing factor between a DSLR and a mirrorless camera. A DSLR has a mirror box.

This mirror box reflects light and the reflected image is displayed on an optical viewfinder. In a mirrorless camera, there is no mirror box. Instead, there are optical light sensors.

This senses the light and displays a digital version of the image on the screen. A Mirrorless camera is known as such as it came after the DSLRs.

Benefits of Mirrorless Cameras

DSLR format cameras are facing the problem of big Mirror Box. This leads to an increase in bulk as the mirror box is huge and occupies a lot of space.

This, in turn, leads to a bulky Camera that is hard to carry. A mirrorless camera removes this. As it has no mirror, the camera is not quite as bulky.

And as a result, this format of camera achieves the same image quality as a DSLR without the bulk and inconvenience. So if portability is your requirement, a mirrorless does it without sacrificing image quality.

Best Nikon Cameras for Photography

1. Nikon Z6

This is one of the best Nikon Cameras in the mirrorless segment. It has a 24.5mp shooter with 4k recording capabilities. It has a full-frame CMOS sensor as well.

The result is exceptionally high-quality photographs. The pros of this camera are a high range of ISO at a very high quality and that it has full-frame 4k Recording capabilities.

This camera also has the excellent build quality and can be handled very easily with a high level of portability. The only downside is that it has an average buffer capacity. It’s all in all very good.

2. Nikon Z7

This is yet another great camera in the list of best Nikon Cameras on the mirrorless side of things. Much like the Z6, this too has a full-frame CMOS sensor, but the price difference starts becoming apparent in all other aspects.

For instance, the Z7 has a 45.7mp Shooter with continuous shooting at 9fps. Further, this, too, can shoot in 4k at 30fps.

This camera is known for its great handling, exceptional viewfinder, and its 45.5 million pixels. The only downside is the solitary XQD card slot. It is still perfect for professionals and enthusiasts at all levels.

3. Nikon D5300

This is a quality, versatility-focused shooter that will be apt for most people who need a DSLR. It is 16 megapixels and also has a unique feature that autofocuses all the time to prevent accidental zooms and losses of focus.

As a result, you will have an exceptionally smooth recording experience and a high-quality video.

All these features make it a great camera for most. The build quality is expected with the pricing and will last you a good amount of time if cared for well. So get this if you are a photographer or videographer at any level.

4. Nikon D5600

This is one of the best Nikon Cameras and neither is it too cheap or too expensive.

It has an impressive touchscreen and a great sensor. If your checklist includes ease of use and convenience, this is the best camera for you.

The downside, however is that it has poor autofocus features. This might make it a deal-breaker for most consumers as you might not want to focus manually until you get a good hang of it.

The price is in the middle and the performance is commensurate to the price. Hence it comes down to priorities.


Camera Nikon Z7 Nikon D3400
Megapixels 45.7 24.2
ISO Range 400 – 25,600 100 – 25,600

As you see, both types of cameras have their strong points and their weak points.

The Mirrorless Camera wins on pixels and portability and DSLRs win on versatility and price. So, in the end, it comes down to exactly what your requirements are.

If you are a professional who can afford a Mirrorless camera and need portability, go for it. In any case, no matter what you choose from this list, you will get the best Nikon Cameras.

Benefits of a DSLR

After seeing all the benefits of the Mirrorless Camera, you might end up thinking that this is the best choice.

This is not always the case. A DSLR has some great upsides, too, and here is a brief look at those upsides.

Firstly DSLRs have a greater range of compatible lenses. So they are more versatile.

Secondly, they are better at low-light shooting as the mirror boxes are better suited to gather more light than a digital sensor.

Lastly, DSLRs are generally cheaper compared to mirrorless cameras. Now let’s look at the best Nikon Cameras in the DSLR segment.

Final Words

When you are spending so much money on your camera, you no doubt want the best Nikon Camera. The question then is, what type of camera is the best camera?

The unfortunate truth is that there is no objective answer to this question. In the end, it all comes down to what your specific requirements are.

A beginner will probably suffice with a DSLR, given the price difference. But if you require portability, you may be better suited to a mirrorless camera.

So do your research and introspect before investing. If you do this, you’ll get a great camera!

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