7 Best Couple Posing Ideas for Portrait Photography

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Best Couple Posing Ideas

As professional photographers, our experts have immense experience in clicking some of the most amazing and beautiful couples of pictures. We can say from experience that couple photography is all about the chemistry and connection between the subject couple, their interaction, and most of all, the level of comfort and intimacy between the couple. In general, couple photography aims to capture the deep, passionate emotions that the two people have for one another. Thus, a couple of photographs is delightful and fun.

Couples are quite easy to interact and guide throughout a photo shoot. If they do feel camera-shy, then you can put them at ease by asking them to recreate the moment when they first laid eyes on each other. This has been one of the most successful ice-breakers in our experience.

However, capturing the raw and intimate emotions of two people is not an easy task. Hence, we have decided to help professional and budding photographers by creating a list of couple posing tips for portrait photography.

Top 7 Couple Posing Tips for Portrait Photography

Check out the list of the top couple posing tips for portrait photography from our team of expert photographers:

Tip 1 – Walking towards the camera

This is a normal, natural and extremely comfortable couple posing tip for portrait photography. Many of your subjects will feel awkward or shy when they see a huge camera lens pointed at them. To avoid this discomfort, try to capture the first few shots from afar and have the couple walk towards you normally.

The couple could hold hands, gaze at each other or simply smile and walk together. These simple poses are extremely effective.

Tip 2 – Walking Away from the Camera

This is yet another good way to start a couple’s photoshoot. As the couple faces away from the camera for this pose, there is no risk of the subjects feeling shy or awkward. This pose allows you different angles, and you can click the picture as a close-up with only their heads and upper bodies or you can go for a wide shot when the background compliments the setting.

You can experiment significantly using this posing technique for couple photography.

Tip 3 – Seated Together

Most people feel more comfortable when they are seated. This is especially true when it comes to a photo-shoot. There are several variations in the seated pose. For instance, you can have one partner resting their head on the other’s shoulder, or you can capture them in the midst of a laugh or just chatting naturally.

The couple can also choose to looks straight at the camera or gaze into each other’s eyes for a more powerful and emotive image. The sitting pose naturally relaxes the human body and this gives an incredibly easy way to click camera-shy subjects.

Tip 4 – Talking to Each Other

Although the human face makes some very weird expression when we talk, there are moments that your face is able to exhibit its features in the best light during a conversation. Simply ask the couple to chat with each other and start snapping pictures when their attention is not on the camera anymore. This way, you will definitely get several photographs that look completely natural and compliment the couple remarkably well.

Tip 5 – Hugging one another

Hugging is the universal sign of love and care. Some of the best couple posing tips for portrait photography involves the couple hugging each other. This is an incredibly common but intimate pose for couples. Embracing couples feel closer during the moment and something that comes naturally to them.

Prompt them to smile, or share a small kiss, or simply gaze into the other’s eyes and quickly click several shots from different angles. This is bound to capture some of the most natural and intimate moments of the couple.

Tip 6 – Close up for details

Try to add some close-ups of details, such as the couple holding hands or touching the other’s cheek. This is an excellent way to let the couple relax from making rigid poses. You can capture this type of pose well into your photoshoot, once the couple is more comfortable with the camera pointed at them.

Tip 7 – Kissing Each Other

There’s nothing more intimate and cute than a couple kissing. Once your subjects are at ease after a few casual poses, prompt them to share a few soft kisses. At times, the kissing pictures come out really great. On the other hand, the moments just before or after a loving kiss often give the most expressive and emotive couple of photographs. Hence, make sure to add this couple posing tip for portrait photography during the photoshoot.


Try these top 7 couple posing tips for portrait photography and you can be assured to capture some of the most intimate, beautiful and breathtaking couple photographs you’ll ever click.

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