4 Best DIY Wedding Photography Ideas

DIY Wedding Photography IdeasDIY Wedding Photography Ideas

DIY Wedding Photography Ideas

In today’s modern world, wedding photography is highly in demand. Most couples consider hiring a professional photographer to treasure the memories of their wedding.

Wedding Photography requires special equipment and extra money. If you have a low budget but still want to create the best of memories, then here we are up with DIY Wedding Photography Ideas.

The following list of DIY Wedding Photography Ideas helps you to improve the quality of your photos. These ideas or we can say tips make ordinary photos look extra professional.

The do-it-yourself ideas in this article are suitable for both professionals and newbie photographers who are just starting their wedding photography journey to build a career.

Creative DIY Wedding Photography Ideas

Do a little homework.

Before you try your hands-on wedding photography on your own, you need to do some homework.

There are numerous sources available on the web for amateur photographers. You should gain all the required information about shooting the best photos at a wedding with your digital camera.

Creative DIY Wedding Photography Ideas - Do a little homework

Do a little homework.

When you hire a professional photographer, you would be charged from $2,000 to $8,000.

The pricing package for the wedding photographer is not affordable for everyone. You can save thousands of bucks with DIY wedding photography.

If possible, practice some photography with your family members or friends a week before the wedding date.

Once you are satisfied with your work, you can consider your photography good to go for the event. Remember one thing, research and practice are keys to successful DIY wedding photography.

Explore the Locations where you are willing to shoot

Wedding photography has four different stages, pre-wedding photography, main event photography, post-wedding photography, and reception photography.

Since you don’t need a professional photographer, you can prepare a list of locations nearby where you can shoot natural and professional-grade photos.

Explore the locations where you are willing to shoot

Creative DIY Wedding Photography Ideas – Explore the locations where you are willing to shoot.

Some dry runs will help you know about the locations, the lighting, the right time to shoot, and much more.

Consider having a friend by your side as he knows you better. Even professional photographers also do dry runs before the main event.

Don’t stress out about things, as you have enough time to learn photography before the wedding day. Develop some photography skills by watching videos on the web or reading out blogs and books.

Prepare a Checklist

Invite your spouse to discuss the photos she wants to have in your wedding album.

You can make your wedding photography a success if you have a better plan. We would suggest you prepare a checklist of photos that you can take without a professional photographer.

Prepare a checklist

Prepare a checklist.

Wedding events are hectic and you may not want to miss out on a single thing during the event. To treasure precious moments of the event, you must prepare a list of photos.

As noted above, you can plan things according to the stage of photography.

Prepare a separate list of photos for a pre-wedding shoot, for the main event, post-wedding and reception. Also, consider the family members and relatives with whom you have to capture the photos.

For the pre-wedding shoot, you can follow the blogs and websites of professional photographers. You can learn about the different poses and camera settings with practice.

Add essential equipment to the Bag.

You can make your DIY Photography more engaging with props for photography. Pros are a good way to make your DIY photography more interesting. What’s good about props is they are available in bulk and come on a budget.

Creative DIY Wedding Photography Ideas - Add essential equipment to the bag

Add essential equipment to the bag

Apart from this, you can add external lenses (see also the best Canon lens for weddings and the best Nikon lens for weddings), tripods, and other essential equipment to your camera bag.

Make sure you prepare the camera bag well in advance so that your photography session can go smoothly.

You should take lenses and cameras on rent for a week or so. There are multiple platforms from where you can get different types of cameras and accessories on rent.

This will also save you a lot of money if you do not have a digital camera and other tools.

FAQs by DIY Wedding Photographers

What is the best mode to shoot wedding photos?

Aperture Priority Mode and Shutter Priority Mode are highly recommended modes you should try for your wedding photography event.

You can also try out manual mode if you are good with it. Manual mode requires more time. We don’t suggest you use manual mode as you may miss out on precious moments with manual mode.

What should be the timing for a photoshoot?

If you are going for a pre-wedding photoshoot, you need to consider the shooting hours first.

A balanced light is required to shoot the natural and lively shots of the couple. We would suggest you go for the shoot early in the morning or during the evening times.

Should I keep a secondary camera?

It is always recommended to keep a secondary camera handy, especially during such events.

You should use two different cameras with multiple lenses so that you can capture all the precious moments without any stress. You may not want to waste your time changing the lens during the event.


The list of the above-listed creative ideas for DIY Wedding Photographers helps amateur photographers learn new skills.

These ideas can help the new couple plan out things in advance without putting a big hole in their pockets. DIY wedding photography can save thousands of bucks.

Make sure you do a lot of practice and have prepared a checklist of the photos that you want to capture during the event.

Learn new photography skills, have all the essential tools handy, and go for the dry run before the main event. Your wedding photography session will surely be a success if you practice these things.

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