How to Make a Spy Camera With Household Items?

How to Make a Spy Camera With Household ItemsHow to Make a Spy Camera With Household Items

How to Make a Spy Camera With Household Items? – Overview

Making a spy camera from scratch with household items is fun! Purchasing a high-quality spy camera from the market may require you to spend some good money. But why spend tons of money if you learn how to make a spy camera with household items instead?

Now, one must set their expectations straight as this spy camera may not offer you all the required features and performance of a high-end spy camera.

It will only provide you with certain basic services like video recording and storage. Moreover, you can go by with some basic technical expertise to finish up with the whole task.

Recommended steps regarding how to make a spy camera with household items

How to Make a Spy Camera With Household Items

How to Make a Spy Camera With Household Items – Recommended steps

Step 1. Getting the required household items

As you’re making a spy camera out of scratch, you have to secure the required items like a USB WebCam, household items like a desk lamp, phone charger, speaker box, and alarm clock.

Besides, you have to arrange the required tools like a screwdriver, chisel, pliers, hammer, and drill.

Please ensure that the WebCam you are using here is offering good video quality, to assist you with the required purpose of setting a spy camera around your vicinity.

In case you want better quality with your videos and images during the surveillance, it is recommended to buy an HD webcam from the market.

Step 2. Making the spy camera

Once all the required items and objects are secured, you can then start ahead with the creation of the spy camera.

First of all, you have to customize the webcam to let it fit in the household item you want it to hide in.

To do that, separate the circuit board of the USB Webcam along with the lens and provided cable from the provided plastic covering.

Once you do that, please ensure that the USB cable and camera lens are still attached to the provided circuit board. This way, the size of the camera can be tailor-made to fit according to the household object.

Step 3. Locating the hiding spot

You now need to discover and locate a perfect hiding spot for the spy camera in your surroundings.

This spot or Household item needs to be something that is non-traceable by the visitors and sounds natural. Besides, it must be appropriate to provide the required housing to the spy camera during its usage.

You can opt for certain household items like a desk lamp, phone charger, or alarm clock for the same purpose.

While these ‘every day use’ items are quite common in every household’ no one can land their suspicion on the usage of a spy camera within these household items.

Also, do note that the item is placed nearby to a computer so as you can ensure the proper and risk-free connection of both the devices.

Step 4. Placing the spy camera within the object

Once the location is decided, you now need to position the circuit board and the spy camera lens to the specified object.

The location has to be natural and the object must not be letting the lens hang out of the case. Also, don’t put glue on the lens glass as it will blur the image of the video quality during its functioning.

Use random tools like hammer, drills and screwdriver to create a hole or assemble the spy camera with the provided household items of your choice.

Check properly whether the insertion of a webcam in the object is giving an ‘unnatural’ appearance as this may create a suspicion in the mind of the visitors and your whole purpose of spying won’t be solved accordingly.

Step 5. Testing the spy camera

Once the spy camera is properly positioned, you now need to connect it to a nearby computer for proper transmission of videos and images.

While you do that, please ensure that the position sounds natural and untraceable to any intruder or visitor to your place.

You can also download random spy camera software from the Internet that will allow your customized spy camera to capture the required images or videos during its functioning.

Certain engines allow your customized spy came to store and record videos on their platform.

Afterward, test the working of the spy camera by making random gestures and movements around it.

If it’s working properly, you have finally achieved success in making a customized spy camera with a few household items.

Bottom-line for How to make a spy camera with Household items

Making a spy camera out of certain household items isn’t that tough. Still, you have to put some hardcore effort and technical expertise into the same task.

Let us know in the comments section if you want us to come with more such ‘How to’ tutorials regarding your favorite security devices and gadgets.

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