How to transfer files from Canon Rebel T7/2000 to a smartphone or tablet?

How to transfer files from Canon Rebel T7/2000 to a smartphone

After you have taken pictures in your Canon Rebel T7/2000, then the most tricky and difficult part comes.

This part is to transfer the photos to the tablet or smartphone for processing or posting over different social media platforms.

If you are doing vlogging, then you need the images in your system. If you want to transfer the photos to a smartphone or tablet, then you need to follow these steps.

Steps to follow for transferring photos on Canon Rebel T7

Step 1. Connect the USB cable

At first, you need to bring your camera to near your system. Now look at the side of the camera, and there you will find a USB port that is covered with a rubber cap.

Remove the cap and then you can see the port. Now, take your USB port, and then insert the small end of the USB cable in the port of the camera and insert the wider part of the USB cable to your smartphone or computer.

Remember you will need a USB camera adapter if you want to transfer files from canon rebel t7 to smartphone

Step 2. Allow device recognition

The destination device (smartphone or computer) will take some time to recognize the device. When it recognizes the device it will appear under the “my computer” section.

You will also notice the small dialog box on your computer asking you what to do with the device. You need to choose the right option from the list for transferring all pictures from your device to the computer.

Step 3. Go to the open device option

After you have chosen this option the next dialog box will appear. Select “Open Device” to View Files. You now have full access to the files on your camera.

Step 4. Go to DCIM

Look for a particular folder called DCIM. This is the folder where all images and videos are stored. The sub-folder where images are stored will be under this DCIM folder,

Step 5. Select the files you want to transfer

If you want to transfer particular files from canon rebel t7 to a computer or smartphone you can simply select them. Select all to transfer all the photos and videos.

If you are transferring the files to your computer make sure that you create a destination folder in your computer.

Step 6. Simply disconnect the USB cable

You can simply detach your USB cable from your computer once you finish transferring files.

Step 7.

Then you will see the same dialog box which will ask what you need to do. Choose the transfer of files, and then you need to go to the folder that is present on the computer and then select the images and videos that you need.

Step 8.

In this step, you need to send the selected pics and videos to the smartphone or tablet. After the transfer is complete, you can see all those images in your tablet or smartphone gallery.

So, these are the steps that you need to follow while you are going for the transferring of different images and videos to your smartphone or tablet.