How to make your games run faster?

Online gamers have countless reasons for optimizing their PC to rightly enhance the performance of their gaming sessions.

While outdated drivers and malware issues can be listed as two of the most common reasons behind it, the low FPS problem makes it even worse.

Some methods are there to drive away these problems. They will give you optimized computer gaming regardless of the issues.

Methods for fostering improved gaming performance:

1. Adjustment of 3D Graphics Settings

Most of the notebooks allow users with the management and tweaking of 3D settings through the graphics control panel.

For that, you can access 3D settings on AMD or Nvidia-powered notebooks. You can enable that by right-clicking on Windows desktop. It will assist in choosing Graphic Properties.


You have to go to Intel’s control panel Graphics and Media. You can then adjust 3D settings by placing the slider between “Performance” and “Quality.”

Step 2.

Now click on “3D” > proceed to “Global Settings” > the table helps you find the slider.

Step 3.

While moving the selector toward “Quality”, choose “Performance” over “Quality”. This option will ensure a stutter-free gaming experience.

2. Tweak Texture Settings for getting the Optimized Laptop Graphics Card.

How to make your games run faster

How to make your games run faster

This is the method that will give optimized graphic card settings.

You will get master controls for the shutter details and texture.

You should always turn on the configuration that will offer better performance over the look. High-resolution textures usually consume the RAM that impacts frame rate.

You should adjust individual games settings for the video by going to the video/display settings. Screen performance quality Optimisation will give a better speed.

You will get custom settings available on all graphics panels. The method also includes Intel HD for Nvidia/ AMD.

The common options are vertical synchronization, texture quality, and anisotropic filtering.

Go to the HD graphics control panel, choose the performance reset option for the texture quality. It will give improved graphics performance.

Anisotropic filtering will give adjustment to the graphics settings with improved sharpness and clarity. You should mostly keep its application settings synchronization.

Turn on the V synchronization in the graphics card control panel. You can change the settings by tweaking the game settings. Press the escape button while playing in this way.

Display settings improve gaming performance while reducing text equality.

3. Third-Party Game-Boosting Programs

Game-boosting programs will assist you when you’re scared to tweak settings manually. They allow tweaking graphics settings, disable processes, defrag system, and over-clock CPU.

IObit’sRazer Game Booster is a high-end tool to serve the objective.

4. Update graphic drivers

If you have AMD and Nvidia-powered notebooks, you’ll get the new drivers available at the official websites.

For Intel, you need to follow steps:

Go to Device Manager > search for new driver versions> Display Adapters > Intel HD Graphics > Update.

5. Install the Latest DirectX Version

How to make your games run faster

How to make your games run faster

As mentioned above, the collection of software tools facilitates the graphics. In this context, we find DirectX a vital tool for fostering the experiment of gaming on Windows.

Check the current DirectX version by following these steps:

Step 1.

Press WIN + R and it will open the RUN menu.

Step 2.

Enter dxdiag. Now you have to for the DirectX Diagnostic Tool (DXDiag). It will load.

Step 3.

Open the Render tab. You’ll get the needed info about the dedicated graphics card. Go to Drivers pane > Direct3D DDI.

It must be the latest version numbered. In case you don’t find it, run a Windows Update, and update the device drivers.

6. Overclock the Laptop Graphics Card for Optimized Gaming

How to make your games run faster

How to make your games run faster

Overclocking can force additional performance related to the graphics card. There are tools available for AMD and Nvidia.

GPU overclocking uses more electricity, yet it increases the speed of gaming. Regularly cleaning the heat sinks and fans will improve the speed of the games running on your PC.

7. Adjustment of Computer’s Power Settings

Some devices experience improved operation with effective management of power.

Windows gives detailed power management options that will give you a vivid giving experience. Look at the power settings for optimizing the speed.

Step 1.

Open Settings  > System > Power and sleep > Additional power settings.

Step 2.

From there, select the High-performance option. You can also click Change plan settings >>> Change advanced power settings.

Step 3.

Now set the plan according to the needed experience.

8. Activation of the Windows 10 Game Mode

How to make your games run faster

How to make your games run faster

Xbox app includes Game Mode that gives an optimized performance.

Set the Game Mode as follows:

Step 1.

Press WIN + G. It will display the Xbox panel.

Step 2.

When prompted, activate the Yes, this is a game box.

Step 3.

Go to the game bar > find the Game Mode button > Click on the button to enable Game Mode.

Now be ready to experience optimum gaming performance.

9. Close Background Apps

Ensure apps in the background are closed before you start playing with the games.

Step 1

Look at the System Tray for Windows taskbar lists apps running in the background.

Step 2.

Right-click each icon>>> close it. Otherwise, keep the graphics card management app. Now start to experience the amazing speeds.

10. Check Network Speed when you’re playing on online platforms

Gaming performance on the laptop is dependent upon hardware drivers and the configuration of the computer.

However, when it comes to the online platform, there are other elements. One of the most vital among them is the internet connection speed.

Usually, the lag is the major cause of trouble with the online gaming platform. If you haven’t conducted changes in the operating system, you must consider the wired internet connection.


We have tried listing the top-grade methods that will optimize the games to the maximum extent. We hope you can now enjoy your favorite games at a much faster speed.

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