How to Play Google Stadia on Chromebook?

How To Play Google Stadia Chromebook?How To Play Google Stadia Chromebook?

Playing Google Stadia on Chromebook

How to play Google Stadia on Chromebook? – One of the most popular Google’s cloud gaming services to engage you right on Chromebook.

Don’t settle for expensive gaming consoles when you can play right on your Chromebook. Google Stadia has heard what the gamers want – high-end gaming on their laptops.

If you ask about what a Chromebook is, it is a laptop that runs on Chrome OS – a Linux-based operating system.

Most of the applications you will see are cloud-based and you need not install specific ones. Generally, a Chromebook is not explicitly designed for gaming purposes.

However, Google’s cloud gaming system has made it easy to play your favorite games.

For the games, maybe you are a fan of Reigns, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), or Assassin’s Creed; Stadia promises better performance.

Furthermore, if you are looking forward to streaming games up to 4K resolution, it is possible with Stadia.

How To Play Google Stadia Chromebook? - Get Better Performance

How To Play Google Stadia on Chromebook? – Getting Started With It

How To Play Google Stadia on Chromebook? – Getting Started With It

You want to have the best gaming experience, but don’t want to spend more on Playstation or Xbox. Further, you love the experience of your laptop’s portability.

It is where Google Stadia comes to help by giving you the best possible gaming experience.

Besides Chromebook, the best part of Stadia gaming is playing games using the Chrome browser.

That is the beauty of cloud computing, and even a personal computer will be able to run those games.

However, do ensure that your PC does have the best GPU available to support high-end gaming.

Without further ado, let us talk more about how to set up Chromebook. Just follow a few steps and then get excited to engage yourself in the PC gaming rig.

Setting up Chromebook

Now, as you are getting ready to play games using Stadia on Chromebook, don’t worry about the device’s strength.

Google has made it possible without paying a huge price to play your favorite games. However, the gaming performance will depend on your internet speed as well.

Talking about the setting procedure, it is an easier one. Then, the first step is to check if your Chromebook is updated with the latest software.

You can check that by going to the about section. If you see some updates, let them complete before you start playing the games.

How To Play Google Stadia Chromebook? - Get Into The Action

How To Play Google Stadia on Chromebook? – Choose Your Gaming Controller

Choose Your Gaming Controller

Well, don’t worry about connecting the gaming controller, as it isn’t rocket science. Setting them up is pretty straightforward. To play the games, you can combine these controllers that are supported with Chromebooks.

  • PlayStation 4 DualShock controller

Sony’s best controller for PlayStation – the DualShock controller works best with Chromebooks. You can connect it using a wired USB-A cable or via Bluetooth.

Just set it up using the Bluetooth pairing mode, and when done, the controller light bar blinks.

  • Xbox One controller

Similar to the PS4 connector, you can connect Microsoft’s Xbox One controller. You can either connect it using a wired USB-A cable or via Bluetooth.

Just hold down the Xbox button, and when it pairs successfully, the logo light will blink. Another extra feature of the Xbox One controller is that it has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

  • Nintendo Switch controller

Yet another gaming controller from Nintendo that connects with Chromebook using a USB-C port or via Bluetooth. Meanwhile, when the controller is connected, the light keeps blinking.

But rest assured, you have paired it successfully with Chromebook to play stadia games.

  • Google Stadia Controller

Just the best controller that completely pairs with Chromebook. Google Chromecast ultra as well as TVs. The best thing is that you can connect the stadia controller wirelessly to all Google devices.

With the recent update, now you can also connect android smartphones wirelessly to play games.

If you are going to use PlayStation or Xbox One controller, you will require to pair them using Bluetooth. Whereas, the Google stadia controller has the best options when it comes to connectivity.

Just connect it to your Chromebook with a USB-C cable and port. Further, you can also record your gameplay or take screenshots with the stadia controller.

  • Using Keyboard and Mouse as Controllers

Besides the controllers mentioned above, you can also use the basic keyboard and mouse to play games.

That somewhat depends on your comfortability; you use the joystick-based controllers, keys, arrows, mouse, or touchpad.

Love playing multiplayer games? Don’t worry, as you can connect multiple keyboards and mice along with controllers. Up to 4 people can link to Chromebook while playing stadia games.

Tip: Chromebook also allows you to connect a pair of headphones while playing games. You can enjoy this feature using Google stadia.

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Signup For Stadia – Get Into The Action

Now, as you have set up your Chromebook, connected the game controller, it is time to get into action.

Just visit the Stadia home page here (, and sign in with your Google account.

The next step is where you accept the terms. After that, you will be able to pick an avatar for your gaming profile.

Then choose your unique gamer name. Remember, you can change your avatar later but are unable to change your name once set.

Besides signing up on Stadia, Google is giving a one-month Stadia Pro trial. You can enjoy instant access to a variety of games.

After one month, you will be charged for the monthly subscription as it auto-renews until canceled.

Buying & Playing Games

For this purpose, you will have to install the Stadia app on your android smartphone. Once installed, launch the app and pick the game you want to buy.

The purchased games will be added to your library, which can be played further on Chromebook.

The next step is to head to the library, pick your purchased game from the library, and launch the game. The gameplay is instant as you have set up the controller already.

If you have an invite code such as Buddy pass, Pro pass, etc., you can claim it and buy your favorite games.

How To Play Google Stadia Chromebook? - Play Your Favorite Games!

How To Play Google Stadia on Chromebook? – A Portable Thing to Play High-End Games

What Happens If You Cancel Your Subscription?

You opted to play games using Stadia on your Chromebook, but you want something extra. Maybe you are not satisfied with the small form factor of the laptop.

There may be other reasons, and you are looking forward to buying a PS5 or Xbox one X. You want to opt-out of the recurring subscription but are worried about the paid games.

Well, don’t worry as you can still play the games that you already own and buy new ones. However, you lose out on some of the perks when your subscription expires or cancels. Take a look.

  • You won’t be able to play games claimed for free under the subscription
  • You can play games at Full HD 1080p resolution but not 4K. For the sound, you get stereo and not surround sound.

It is your call to continue the subscription with the benefits. Google might give discounts on new games being a Stadia Pro member.

Wrap it up

There you are. You got a portable thing to play high-end games, and that’s the beauty of the Chromebook.

Ensure your laptop is connected to a wall adapter so that the battery doesn’t drain. Grab your gaming rig and play your favorite games. The excitement has just reached the next level.

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