WiFi Outdoor Security Camera (2021)

WiFi Outdoor Security Camera

Wifi outdoor security camera can be termed as the best investment that a person can make for the safety of their personal or official property. Keeping an eye even when not at home/office is quite easy with these security cameras. Having proper visibility on your surroundings with wifi security cameras will also give you a peace of mind.

Still, buying a security camera is not an easy task. There are numerous types of cameras in the market and choosing an appropriate camera from the list is quite a challenging task. Hence, it is always better to have some knowledge about the types of security camera and their useful features.


  1. FIELD OF VIEW– Field of view of most of the camera ranges from 90 degrees up to 140 degrees. It is an important factor that helps in determining the overall coverage made by the wifi outdoor security camera. To keep a tab on a larger area, the user will need a larger field of view. But for monitoring front area or entryway, a camera with a narrow field of view will work.
  2. NIGHT VISION– For 24*7 monitoring, the user will need a night vision camera. These cameras are made with special glass that helps in viewing the area even in dark mode. Also, these types of camera are appropriate for people living in rural areas or place where animals roam at night.
  3. RESOLUTION– Resolution is also an important point while selecting appropriate cameras. A camera with a good level of resolution takes a lot of bandwidth and storage space. The general range of a camera is 480p to 1080p for better details
  4. LOW LIGHT PERFORMANCE– So this is different from night mode. This feature helps in viewing dimply lit area without activating night mode. Such type of camera requires a wide aperture. The wide aperture absorbs the light from the surrounding and helps in better viewing. The user can view better than shadows or barely discernible features.
  5. MOTION DETECTION– This feature alerts the user about any motion or movement. The motion detection varies from 90 degrees to 270 degrees. Also, some outdoor cameras come with a light that is activated when any motion is detected. The user can set motion boundaries.
  6. SOURCE OF POWER– Power is a core essential for operating tech products. A professional installer can wire the security camera directly into the power line hassle freely. The battery-powered security cameras are easy to set up and also easy to place. The battery changes are only the hurdle faced with these type of cameras.
  7. AUDIO– It only depends on the need and requirement of the user if want camera with audio support or not. Not all cameras are equipped with audio support. Also, fewer cameras are two-way audio that allows easy communication with the view in the camera. Some cameras have a loud siren to scare off the animals or intruders.
  8. APP SUPPORT– In the world of tech, the security cameras are capable of viewing the video directly on mobiles or pc via the application that can be installed.
  9. STORAGE PLANS– Some cameras have storage plans which store any motion in cloud storage platform. The plans for such a camera varies as per gigabytes.
  10. WI-FI HOME SECURITY CAMERA– These are wireless security cameras that use wireless sensors for communicating the videos. The controls wirelessly usually with radio frequency signal. This camera works exceptionally well in places where wired cameras cant is installed. It requires a compatible internet connection. The user can view the video from anywhere using the mobile phone. Such types of camera are termed as wifi outdoor security camera.


What is the best wifi outdoor security camera?

Outdoor security cameras ensure complete safety of the property. They are the first line of defense. They give pre-warning if something inappropriate happens. Also, they help in controlling what goes inside and out. Wireless outdoor security cameras are easy to install and use. Also, they are considered as best wifi outdoor security camera.

We are some of the best outdoor wifi security cameras. All of these are optimum in quality and capable of serving the best of purpose. All of these are outdoor wireless cameras

Wifi Outdoor Security Camera – ARLO PRO


Arlo Pro is the best and topmost choice for wireless outdoor security camera. They are the best wireless security camera and are highly versatile. It can perfectly work both indoor and outdoor. Featuring amazing video quality, the cameras can deliver clear pictures on sunny days, artificial light,and even in dark mode. This camera can be considered as the best wireless outdoor security camera.



  • 100% wireless design
  • Can work perfectly both indoor and outdoor
  • Easy setup
  • Smart home integration
  • Outdoor wifi camera



  • High price
  • Requires base station
  • Oversensitive motion detection


If you are looking for highly sensitive motion detection for utmost safety, then this camera is an optimum choice. With a completely wireless setup, this WI-FI outdoor security camera is easy to install and use.




Wifi Outdoor Security Camera – Reolink


This is the second most preferred and opted wifi outdoor security camera. If you are looking for an affordable product which is reliable and trustworthy, then this is a perfect choice. It is a versatile option with weather-proof technology to protect the camera,both Indoor and outdoor. This WI-FIoutdoor security camerahas an auto magnetic system that makes it easy to attach. It operates on battery and is most preferred and opted security camera.



  • Affordable
  • Sharp 1080p videos
  • Completely wireless
  • Local storage
  • Weatherproof


  • Doesn’t integrate with smartphones
  • No SD card included
  • Siren is not very loud


Our verdict

Reolink Argus 2 is an optimum product. It is budgeted and has really good picture quality. This wifi outdoor security camera is easy to install and functions well. The only set back is that it doesn’t synchronize with smartphones. The night vision of the camera is appreciable and great. It is a wireless outdoor camera that comes with rechargeable batteries. And the best part, batteries are solar energy chargeable.