How to Customize Filenames on Nikon D5600

Customizing Filenames on Nikon D5600

Nikon, one of the pioneers in photography has many ranges of cameras in their basket. Nikon D5600 is one of them.

By default, the photographs one shoots with this model of the camera are saved in two names. It is either sRGB color space: DSC_1234 or Adobe RGB color space:-_DSC 1234.

By default, every Nikon DSLR camera can remember the last file name and number used and continues from there for the next shoots.

For many, it becomes challenging to select the photos either in the camera or after uploading them in any other digital device.

It becomes a searching the needle in the stack of hay for the correct picture. Let us, therefore, discuss how to customize the filenames with this model of Nikon DSLR camera.

How to Customize Filenames on Nikon D5600

If you follow the under mentioned, process, it becomes quite easy to customize the filenames of the pictures on your Nikon D5600 camera.

Step 1

In the beginning, one should open up the shooting menu. Under the shooting menu, there are various options.

Press the scroll up or the down arrow on the camera at then select the File naming option. As soon as you select the option, it will turn yellow prompting that one can work with it. 

As the scrolling is smooth and fast one should take care to reach the File naming option and not land in any other options.

Step 2

Press the right arrow on the camera for scrolling through the Multi Selector. It helps to scroll the letters and numbers to choose the characters one wants to use.

Step 3

Now press the center button of the Multi Selector for selecting and inserting any characters one wants to use.

Step 4

If there is an error in the selection and one needs to correct it, then one should hold the checkered playback or thumbnail available in the zoom-out button.

One can remove the character that needs to be edited using the scroll option of the Multi Selector of the camera.

One can remove any undesired aspect by using the garbage can button that is shown as an icon by pressing the delete button.

Step 5

It is time to select your desired characters to customize the file name in the right manner. One can insert three characters for the same.

Select the File naming for displaying the keyboard to enter the desired text. Insert them and press OK. You should remember that only single-screen letters and numbers can be used.

There is no scope of leaving a space between the numbers and letters or inserting underscore that is used as default by the camera model.

One cannot also use any special characters to rename the file.    The renamed image will be saved with a new file name, and your new input of three characters shall appear at the beginning.

Step 6

After completion of the above process, it is time to press the zoom button, or one should tap the OK symbol at the right corner of the screen to return to the shooting menu.

As soon as you start clicking pictures, the new images will be sequentially saved with the changes made. They will be saved with the latest customized three-character file name.

The photos will no longer begin with “DSC” which used to happen by default.  It may be remembered that only still image filenames can be customized and not the videos.


Following the above process without jumping any steps, it is quite easy to customize the Filename in Nikon D 5600 camera. Use the option and segregate your photos for easy access when needed.

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